5 Reasons Why Dark Chocolate Is Good For You


Eat Dark Chocolate And Stay Healthy

There is not much in life that beats chocolate; its delicious sweet taste gives us much pleasure and enjoyment.dark chocolate health benefits

What we may not know is just how good it is for us, many studies have revealed the health benefits that can be gained by eating chocolate daily – particularly dark chocolate. This is due to its high level of flavanoids.

 Just 30 calories a day (a couple of squares) is all that we need to benefit.

Here are 5 reasons why we should eat dark chocolate:

(1) Cocoa has been shown to help lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure, by helping to open and relax arteries, blood flow is made easier which results in a drop in blood pressure. Dark chocolate is high in flavanols which help reduce the risk of plaques furring up the arteries, they also help to destroy toxins (aka free radicals) as these can cause a rise in cholesterol levels

(2) Cocoa can help ease depression, a potent source of the feel good hormones Seratonin and Dopamine, these neurotransmitters help control mood levels and also facilitate anti ageing and rejuvenation

(3) Cocoa Has Anti Ageing and Antioxidant effects, being full of antioxidants polyphenols and flavanols, these provide vitamins and other health benefits to our skin, by helping to improve the bloodflow to our skin, it helps to give our skin a healthy glow and removes harmful toxins that cause premature ageing.

(4) Dark Chocolate enhances moods, by stimulating production of endorphins in the body, it promotes a greater feeling of happiness and well being.

(5) Dark Chocolate And Weight Control Cocoa has rather surprisingly appetite controlling properties which can help with weight loss, and is also a low calorie substitute for those with a sweet tooth. But beware, eating moderate amounts of chocolate can help, over indulging can still add to your waistline and hips


What More Could You Ask For – Something That Tastes Great And Is Good For You!!

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