Foods That Boost Sex Life

What To Eat To Improve Your Libido


low sex drive in womenIt happens to all of us, we go through times in our lives when sex just doesnt interest us, maybe our jobs, the mounting bills or even (god bless them) the kids are just taking up too much of our time and energy.

What many of us do not know is that certain foods and fruits can boost our libido, without having to resort to pills and potions.

Here are four foodstuffs that will help us get back that spark…watermelon boosts libido

Watermelon – High in a compound called citrulline, an amino acid that helps to relax blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow to the vagina, increasing sensitivity and sexual response.

Asparagus – Contains good levels of B Vitamin Folate, helps to improve production of Histamine which helps to promote a higher sex drive in both women and men

Avocados – Packed with pottassium, avocados help to boost libido for both sexes. Very high in Folic acid wchilli peppers sex drivehich boosts energy levels – essential for great sex!!

Chilli – High in capsaicin – a chemical that encourages blood flow and helps to release endomorphins that enhance mood and boost libido

Other products include pistachio nuts, pomegranate and of course oysters!!

Bon Appetite!!

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