Cheryl Cole Uses Snake Serum Cream

Snake Serum Cream and Cheryl Cole

cheryl coleCheryl Cole is reported in Lifestyle Magazine ‘Marie Clare’ to be the latest celebrity fan of a wonder cream that uses a specially formulated version of snake serum to smooth lines and prolong the look of youthfull skin, she joins the ranks of other stars including Naomi Campbell, Katie Holmes and Kate Moss who are all reported to be fans.

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Glamoxy made by Rodial was launched in a wave of publicity earlier this year, currently available from top end glamoxy creamstores such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfidges the product sells for around £125 for a bottle containing 25mls of cream.

The active ingredient is called syn-ake, it is a synthetic version of the venom produced by the Asian Temple Viper. It works by effectively freezing the muscles in the face to reproduce the effect of botox injections – but without the risks associated with the injection therapy.

The results are almost immediate – it gets to work in about 90 seconds and clinical trials have demonstrated that with regular use around 52% of all lines are reduced.

The Manufacturers actually claim that there is not another product like this around.

We have discovered one such product…

Skinfluence Cream with Synake has actually been available for a while, This product was (we understand) the first to use Syn-ake as an active ingredient.

skinfluenceMade  by Healthspark, one of the UK’s most reputable suppliers of Health and Beauty products, Skinfluence with Syn-ake offers users EXACTLY the same benefits of the Glamoxy Cream.

But with two massive differences-

At Just under £55 per pot, it is less than half the cost of the glamoxy product, and for this cost you actually get 50mls; twice the amount of its more expensive rival.

Buyers can also get further discounts for purchases of 2 or more pots.

For Instant Smoother Skin

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