Get Ready ForYour Wedding Day

Beauty From The Inside Out

Organising your wedding is possibly the most exciting time of your life.  Choosing the dress, how to wear bride smilingyour hair, the shoes, jewellery and of course make-up.

But What About Your Body?

Well you can start from the inside and work outwards…

  1. Detox – why not start to cleanse your body of the toxins we all accumulate through the year.  Feel good from the inside and you’ll look great on the outside.
  2. Give your skin a boost with natural skin firming creams for the face and the body – no more fine lines.
  3. Whiten and Brighten your smile with a natural Teeth whitening gel.

Here are a few products that will help you to achieve that all over glow on that special day.  After all is there ever a better time to absolutely pamper yourself!

acai detox packAcai and Detox Plus Combo

The benefits of Acai Berries, that are packed with anti-oxidents and the power of Detox Plus, a totally natural full body detox, that will rid your body of trapped waste and harmful toxins, boosting your energy reserves and helping you lose a few extra pounds at the same time.

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Skinfluence With Syn-ake

One of the most effective skin creams available, featured in numerouskinfluence with syn-akes media publications, this super moisturising cream offers Botox type benefits and effects without the cost and pain of injection therapy.

See fine lines disappear immediately.

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Transformulas Professional Teeth Whitening

transformulas professional teeth whiteningAs seen in this weeks Hello Wedding special, this unique product is a brush on teeth whitening product that gives almost instant results and a whiter than white smile.

A must for those wedding photographs!!!

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