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How To Boost Your Body After All the Excess Of Christmas

If you are reading this article, you are probably feeling the after effects of too much good food and drink over Christmas. This and the late nights along with virtual inactivity stuck in front of the feeling bloated after christmasTV, spreading germs around in our centrally heated houses can play havoc with our body in particular our immune system and energy levels.

If our immune system becomes under par, we are more prone to getting coughs and colds, on a more serious note, with a reduced immunity, we can also leave ourselves open to maybe more potentially nasty diseases.

There are some very useful foodstuffs that we often take for granted that can help boost a flagging immune system and provide us with a useful energy boost

Bananas – High in potassium and can give a much needed boost of energy. Also known to help lower blood pressure and promote healthy skin and hair

brussel sproutsBrussel Sprouts – High in vitamin C which can boost immunity, skin, and general well being. Being high in glucosinolates they can help to maintain energy levels, help against conditions such as asthma and have properties that can dispose of potentially dangerous carcinogens

Onions – a natural antibiotic that can help lower cholesterol and reduce the possibility of blood clots. Onion soup is a proven remedy for colds and coughs

Avocado – Highly nutritious and rich in potassium, it helps to lower blood pressure and is high in anti oxidants that help to remove free radicals. These are the toxins that can cause bloating, constipation and some other more serious conditions

Oats – the perfect breakfast meal, high in iron and proteins that can provide a steady release of energy, known to lower cholesterol and soothe frayed nerves

Potatoes – Full of vitamins such as B and C, they also contain iron, fibre and potassium. Especially healthy when cooked in their jackets, and can help ease digestive disorders, Also thought to be beneficial to your digestive systemcarrots

Carrots – High in Vitamin A and carotenoids, great for boosting eye sight, they also help to improve circulation and can help protect against vascular disease

Kale – Contains high levels of phytochemicals that help to boost the immune system, they can also help to pass oxygen to the tissues, boosting skin radiance as well as improving liver function and  the processing of food into useful energy. Has also been linked to good vascular health, improving blood flow and reducing the risk of heart problems.

Green Tea – Good quality green teas are high in antioxidants, known for their health giving benefits such as lowering cholesterol, reducing appetite and helping to cleanse the body of harmful toxins – an essential part of a natural body detox which will provide a boost in energy along with almost effective weight loss.

tava detox tea Tava Tea is a powerful blend of 3 Green Teas specially formulated to help you boost your energy levels, eat less and cleanse your system.

Proven to boost vascular health and provide a gentle yet efficient detox, helping you to lose weight at the same time. Featured in the national press and on TV. Now is a perfect time after all the excesses of Christmas and the New Year to find out just what this amazing tea can do for you

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