Is The Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kit Easy To Use

How Do I Use The Dr Georges Teeth Whitening Kit

Dr Georges Teeth Whitening Kit Is Probably one of the easiest teeth whitening kits to use,smile 4 you

The manufacturers of this kit have worked to make their kit easy, quick and simple to use.

Just Four Steps separate you from that Hollywood Smile !!

Step 1

Place the special application tray in hot water for 8 seconds to soften the plastic

Step 2

Whilst warm (but not too hot!) put over the teeth and bite gently and hold to form a perfect and permanent moulding of your teeth

Step 3

Apply the active Smile4you gel into the mould

Step 4

Place over teeth for the required length of time.

get whiter teeth

Finally – Admire Your smile!!!


Smile 4you are the uk’s only official supplier of the world famous Dr Georges Dental Whitening kit.

Get dentist quality teeth whitening for a fraction of the cost!

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