Lack Of Female Sex Drive

Why Have I Lost Interest in Sex

There are many articles and publications about lack of libido in men, the main symptom – erectile dysfunction has been written about many times and there are numerous products and methods to help overcome this problem.lack of libido in women

For women, it can be every bit of a problem, a lack of sexual desire and drive is something that can naturally occur during monthly hormonal changes, however, it is in older women that the problem can increase.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction (called FSD) is the correct medical term for the problems that affect a woman’s sexual health and desire, lack of orgasm and enjoyment is one factor, pain during sexual intercourse is another. These are quite common in women who are post menopausal, the fact that they do not enjoy sex , or  feel like having sex any more is classified as being a key part of FSD.

What Causes FSD

A reduced sex drive can be the result of many issues, medical, physical and psychological problems. Medical issues can include diabetes, vaginal dryness and reactions to other medications.

Physical problems include the hormonal changes that accompany the menopause, the issues associated with Psychological problems include stress, depression, feeling embarrassed at the changes within their body, lack of confidence.

“As women become older, it becomes more likely that they will encounter problems with a lack of sex drive.”

What Can I Do To Improve My Libido

Most doctors will advise that you stop taking medicines that can cause a low sex drive, if pain during intercourse is a problem, they may well suggest lubricants or gels, special exercises are available that can help tighten the vagina which can improve sensation and overall sexual enjoyment.

These are called kegels and if carried out correctly can enhance sexual experience, bringing back the sexual desire of your youth.

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Vaginal Tightening Gel

If you suffer from a general lack of vaginal tightness, lack of lubrication and sensation then there is an alternative to Kegel exercises;intivar

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