Natural Colon Cleansers

Colon Cleansers-are natural products the best

Our Regular diets contain large quanities of carbohydrate and saturated fat, these combine to form a fat based and somewhat toxic build up on our intestinal walls. The side effects of this build up can very from upset stomach, colitis, diarrhea right through in some worst cases to various cancers.

The build up also makes the sufferer feel somewhat bloated, lethargic and generally not feeling too well.bloated tummy

Using a good Naturally based Colon cleanser can have dramatic effects in clearing the digestive tract of this build up and toxins and relieving the sufferer of these unpleasant symptoms.

Clean your colon by natural means

Using a natural colon cleansing product will effectively clean the gastrointestinal tract,  along with this will give a complete overhaul to the health system in general, it can also help promote weight loss.

It will rid the system of any undigested food and faeces that has accumulated along the length of the bowel, it is also important however to try and keep to a diet that will assist the natural cleaning.

Natural drinks and foods that help to keep the colon clean include grape, prune and pear juices, psyllium seeds, as well as ensuring that your diet includes sufficient levels of fibre which helps the natural waste process out through the colon. If the sufferer has constipation regularly, it is a good sign that not enough fibre is taken in the diet.

If left unchecked, a waste ridden colon could end up being blocked, if this happens the fecal matter trapped within can cause serious infections which can result in unpleasant medical complaints and conditions, some of which can be very serious requiring urgent medical attention.

The Difference Between Natural and Artificial Colon Cleansers

Natural or artificial colon cleanser?

after body detoxThere are many Colon cleansing products on the market, most work the same way in flushing or clearing trapped waste from the colon. The artifical cleaners do come with some side effects that the natural ones do not have.

Natural Colon cleaners have what is known as oxygenation properties which means that whilst they clear the compressed waste and faeces, they do no harm the good bacteria that are present in our digestive systems and maintain the good health and function of our gastrointestinal tract.

Many artificial cleaners do not have the oxygenation properties and will harm the good bacteria, this is because they are often made primarily from antibiotics that will basically kill all the parasites and bacteria present in the colon wether good or bad.

Natural colon cleansing products work to reduce any harmful bacteria in the colon whilst protecting the good ones . Ingredients commonly found in Natural products include ones that naturally clean and effectively sterilize the colon without harming any beneficial bacteria.

A natural colon cleanser should include plant and herbs such as garlic, cayenne pepper, cascara sagrada, ginger, black radish root, raspberry leaf, and rhubarb root to name but a few.

More About Natural Colon Cleansers

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