No 7 Airbrush Away Primer Review

 Does Airbrush Away Primer Work

 ‘Photoshop’ For Your Skin –airbrush away primer Reduces Lines And Wrinkles In An Instant

Boots have released another addition to their No7 range of quality cosmetics

Soft Focus For Your Skin

No woman, regardless of age wants fine lines and wrinkles to show through their makeup, especially in photographs, modern digital cameras pick up every fine detail of our skin and the search has been on for a way to make these blemishes invisible to the eye.

Airbrush Away Fine Lines And Wrinkles Instantly

No7 have developed a new primer, one of a kind that can reduce the signs of ageing in an instant. Used before applying your favourite foundation, No7 airbrush away primer contains thousands of light reflecting prisms that deflect and obscure light to give your skin a ‘soft focus’ affect.

 Proven results are instantly visible and can last for up to 8 hours.

 Originally developed for TV presenters who are under the gaze of intrusive high definition cameras that show each and every blemish, No7 are now glad to be able to offer this innovative line reducing product to the public.

airbrush away primer before and after

Priced at just £ 19.50 and available from most Boots in the high street, or for convenience from Boots online store No7 Airbrush Away Primer is going to be one of lives ‘must haves’

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