Pain Gone Pen Review

Stop Muscular Pain Anytime With The Pain Gone Pen

Fast ‘On The Go’ Relief From Most Forms Of Muscular Pain

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The Pain Gone Pen has fast become one of the best selling pain relief products here in the UK, it is a pain gone penclinically proven type 2a medical device that is the shape and size of a chunky ballpoint,

It is a highly portable TENS device that provides almost immediate relief from most forms of muscular pain.

How Does The Pain Gone Pen Work

The Pain Gone Pen delivers a painless low frequency electrical charge when placed on the painful area and the top button is depressed. In its simplest terms, this charge disrupts the pain messages being sent to the brain, literally stopping the feeling of pain immediately.

Similar to the larger TENS devices used in pain relief clinics and working in the same way, the Pain Gone Pen does not require any batteries, it creates its own electrical charge that is developed by crystals within the device and the device usually will last for two years before requiring replacement.

The device can be used all over the body, there are of course some exceptions, and for example, the device should not be used if you have a pacemaker, whilst driving or immediately over the heart area.

Highlights of The Pain Gone Pen

  • Has been supplied to the NHS for over 10 years.
  • Small compact device, ideal for keeping in bags or pockets.
  • Clinically tested, class 2a medical device.
  • Use as often as required, no dosage limits.
  • No leads, pads or batteries required.

paingone-productshot3_2Where Can I Buy The Pain Gone Pen

The Pain Gone Pen can be bought exclusively online from the distributors Tower Health. They sell the device online to customers worldwide. UK customers can enjoy free shipping; buyers from overseas will pay a small shipping charge

The Pen usually costs £49.95,

Currently there is an offer and sufferers of pain can enjoy the benefits of this device for just £29.94.

Long term sufferers (over 3 months) of arthritis, sciatica and other debilitating conditions can buy the device without VAT and this reduces the cost down to £24.95. However this government approved option is not available to those with short term injuries.

Start Living Your Life Without Pain

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