Product Review- Glamoxy With Syn-ake Snake Serum Wrinkle Cream

Glamoxy Snake Serum Cream

glamoxyGlamoxy forms part of a skin care range made by the company Rodial, This particular product has received a lot of media attention recently, known as ‘snake serum cream’ this product uses a synthetic version of snake venom to replicate the muscle freezing effects of botox without the pain or discomfort of injections.

Rodial do have a very professional website with a good range of general skin care articles, however very little information about each product is available, neither is there any customer reviews or before and after photos. Instead they devote a lot of space to the celebrities who apparently use this product, Jennifer Aniston and Katy Holmes to name two.

The website does not provide you access to any clinical trial data that actually confirm the claims of the manufacturer

Glamoxy snake serum can be purchased on line, and the company will ship world wide, it is also available at some major department stores. The company does not offer any discounts for bulk purchases and the refund policy is quite unclear.
Glamoxy Snake Serum – Product Description

The active ingredient in Glamoxy is Syn-ake, a synthetic version of the venom taken from the Temple Viper, workingtemple viper venom in a similar way to botox, it effectively freezes the facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles. It can also reduce the emergence of new wrinkles.

The manufacturers do not disclose a full ingredient list, however we know that it contains Pomegranate ellagic acid as an antioxidant, Ronasphere which aids skin tone and Fiflow BTX a compound that carries oxygen to the skin cells to give radiance.

Glamoxy Snake Serum is to be used twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Glamoxy – Advantages

  • Rodial is an established, popular skin care company
  • The website provides general skin care information and tips
  • Glamoxy is available on line and in retail stores worldwide
  • Syn-ake is a non-invasive alternative to Botox injections
  • The product helps with several aging skin conditions
  • Glamoxy contains anti-oxidant ingredients

Glamoxy – Disadvantages

  • Glamoxy is expensive, costing up to £125 per 25ml (over $200 abroad)
  • The company refund policy is unclear
  • The company does not disclose full ingredients
  • No free trials or discounts are offered
  • No customer testimonials or reviews are shown
  • Glamoxy may not be suitable for sensitive skin


It would be very easy to dismiss Glamoxy as another ‘fad’ product, the manufacturers Rodial themselves fall short in providing more proof as to wether their expensive product is as good as they say. That said, Syn-ake as an ingredient is available elsewhere at far more affordable prices from other suppliers who are a bit more specific and open about what it can do.

What Are The Alternatives To Glamoxy

Healthspark, A Major UK based health and beauty supplier were the first company to make their own version of this product, called Skinfluence, it contains Syn-ake and can offer the same benefits as Glamoxy at a fraction of the cost.

Tskinfluencehere are some major differences however, Skinfluence is sold with a three month full money back guarantee and also you can get twice the amount (50ml instead of 25ml) for a price of just under £60 ($90 USD)

Skinfluence is currently selling at £59.49 and the suppliers also offer a 5% discount for buying 2 jars and 10% discount for buying 3 jars.

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