Sex And The Older Woman

Sex And The Menopause

When we reach the menopause the changes in our bodies can range from minor symptoms such as mild flushes, becoming more emotional, a lower libido and general tiredness.  Then there are the more unlucky of us who womaen with vaginal drynessexperience a total lack of sexual desire.

In some cases we go from having a regular healthy sex life with our partners to finding the whole thing a complete nightmare.  The two main hurdles we have to overcome are often vaginal dryness and loss of muscle tone in the vaginal wall.  There are products on the market for dryness and there are exercises for helping to restore tightened muscles in the vagina, but what we really need is a product that will work on the both these problems.  After all we all want to enjoy sex for as long as possible and nothing puts more of a strain on a marriage or partnership than an unwilling partner.  The closeness you once had will start to diminish.

Bottom line ladies –  we want our youthful desire back.

With Intivar Female Renewal Gel you could start yourself on the road to recovering your libido and more.

intivar cures vaginal drynessMade from entirely natural ingredients this vaginal renewal gel will instantly tighten and lubricate the vagina.  Intivar helps to encourage the natural production of lubrication and with added bonus of improving the sensitivity in the clitoris, these two things will help make sex more enjoyable once again.

Intivar contains Miraform which is an extract of the herb Pueraria mirifica, a proven libido enhancing extract which is completely safe to use with no side effects.

More About The Effective Ingredients In Intivar

Where Can I Buy Intivar

Intivar is available from the official website, sensibly priced, a months supply costs just $52.50 inc shipping (which calculates back to GBP £34.03 for buyers from the UK.)

The makers of Intivar are so confident that their product will have a remarkable affect on your sex life that they offer a full 60 day cash back guarantee, if you try Intivar, and it doesn’t work for you, simply return any unused product within 60 days for a full refund.

Don’t let sex become a chore, stop the misery of painful intercourse and start to enjoy what should be the most pleasure pastime of all between two people

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