Sex In Later Life Improves Memory

Pensioners Who Enjoy Sex Boost Their Memory


Scientists have revealed that those having sex in later life (65 years and older) are less likely to develop memory sex in older ageproblems and confusion.

A recent study held in Germany followed the lives of 170 people aged between 63 and 75, they were questioned about just how active they were in the bedroom, they also underwent tests on their memory, attention and executive functions.

It was discovered that sexual satisfaction is directly linked to a younger mind, and that keeping active, including having regular sex helps keep you cognitively active.

The study also found that while 57% of 63 year olds were satisfied with their sex lives, it rose to 70% in those over 75.

It is a fact that the average 20 year old imagines that they will stop having sex at 50, when they get to 40, this rises to 70, and when they reach 50 years old, this again goes up to 80 years old.,

The study showed thatintivar cures vaginal dryness sex in older age is possible and it actually helps keep you fit and younger in mind.

Problems With Sex In Older Age

One problem that older women face is vaginal dryness especially post menopause.

This can be alleviated by using Intivar, a specially formulated natural based gel that both reduces vaginal dryness and helps tightens the muscle wall to help regain your enjoyment of sexual contact.

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