Syn-ake Cream Repairs The Effects Of The Sun

The Effects Of The Sun, Ageing Skin And What Syn-ake Cream Can Do

blazing sunWe are only too aware of what over exposure to the sun can do to our bodies, aside from the possible consequences to our health with the possibility of skin cancers and other conditions forming, the other concern is that the sun can have an adverse affect on our skin, reducing its elasticity and its ability to retain moisture.

This can result in the skin ageing somewhat prematurely, leaving our skin dry, leathery, and often covered with lines and wrinkles as the skin ages faster than nature intended.

This  effects both women and men non more so than in countries where the sun is generally more intense. In particular people from Southern Europe, parts of America, Asia and Australia do have to take extra care of their skin when going out in the sun and after long term exposure to its ageing effects.

As the skin dries out,it will lose its natural plumpness and fine lines and wrinkles will form, it is really important to replenish this moisture using a good quality moisturising cream.

What About The Lines and Wrinkles

If the skin has started to age, it is drying out and lines and wrinkles are starting to appear, we don’t feel so good aboutbotox injections ourselves and this is when we start to consider alternative skin treatments such as Botox injections, these are a proven, albeit temporary way of rejuvenating the skin and removing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The cost of Botox injections can also be prohibitive, add to this the thought that we are actually injecting a poison into our skin along with the discomfort that can accompany these therapies,Its little wonder that we start to ask if there might be a far safer, painless and more affordable alternative to fight the signs of ageing skin.

What Is The Alternative to Botox

A UK based company has developed an innovative alternative to Botox injections, called Skinfluence it is a luxurious moisturising cream that uses a specially formulated synthetic version of the venom produced by the Asian Temple Viper known as Syn-ake. Its active properties reproduce the same effects on the skin as Botox, effectively freezing the muscles under skin to diminish the lines and wrinkles.

no wrinklesUsers have reported almost immediate results, and the manufacturers state that if used for a period of 28 days, that there will be over a 50% reduction in lines.

Skinfluence is clinically approved, is non perfumed so it is suitable for both men and women and it is safe to use with no known adverse side effects.

The Company offer prompt and secure shipping worldwide, Jars of Skinfluence cost usually cost £69.99, prsently, they are available for sale at a reduced price of £59.49 – a saving of 15%

“What have you got to lose? – Apart from your wrinkles!!”

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