Synake Snake Serum Creams Do They Work

Do Synake Snake Serum Creams Work

There are just so many face creams and other cosmetics out there to use these days, the cosmetic companies make a whole range of claims about their products and just how great or effective they are.
One product that has recently hit the media headlines is a face moisturisglamoxying cream that uses a man made version of snake serum to reproduce the effects of botox on the skin without the need for painful injections.

Glamoxy, made by Rodial recently hit the headlines with its celebrity links, stars such as Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham are rumoured to be among the list of famous users, available at various major department stores and sold at £125 for a tiny bottle of 25ml, its certainly not cheap. 

With this in mind we set out to try and find a more sensibly priced alternative.

What Did We Find

Skinfluence with Syn-ake moisturising cream is we believe the answer to this search, made using the exactly same active ingredient (Syn-ake) as Glamoxy. It is made in the UK by a company called Healthspark.

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skinfluence creamThe pot we purchased was ordered on line and was delivered the next day, the cream has a silky thick luxurious feel to it, it is non-perfumed so it is suitable for both men and women.

What Was It Like To Use

When applied it was absorbed into the skin really easily, leaving it feeling really smooth and moisturised, there was initially a very slight tingling sensation as it was absorbed, and we can honestly say that there was an almost immediate and definate change to some lines on the skin.

The makers claim that if used for 28 days, that there will be up to 52% reduction in wrinkles and lines.

Is It Safe To Use

The manufacturers assure us that it has absolutely no adverse effects whatsoever when using Skinfluence with Syn-ake cream.

Our Conclusion

There is no doubt that both Syn-ake creams are really effective, whilst the cost of the Rodial product can be quiteskinfluence cream with synake restrictive for some budgets, the Skinfluence cream has exactly the same active ingredient and at just under £70 for twice the amount (50ml) Is fantastic value for a brilliant product.

Where To Buy Skinfluence
Skinfluence with Syn-ake is available to buy online from

The RRP is £69.95 but is currently available on a special offer for an amazing £59.49 – A saving of 15%

They give free delivery to the UK and will also ship worldwide.

Buy Skinfluence Cream with Syn-ake

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