Product Comparison – Maqui Berry or Acai Berry

Acai or Maqui berries, which is the best for us??

We all want to fight the ageing process, we long for that younger healthy body that will fight diseases especially the ones that generally but not exclusively effect older people such as alzheimers, heart disease certain cancers etc.

Medical research states that the younger bodies usually have a higher natural level of antioxidants that help fight these diseases. With age this level depletes and it is then essential that we consider supplementing our natural levels with supplements high in antioxidents.

The most popular and well known antioxident in the world is, the Acai berry, supposedly championed by Oprah Winfrey, it has been quoted over and over again that this little berry is classed as a ‘superfood’ because of its highly nutritious value.

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maqui berryRecently another berry has come to the forefront, The Maqui Berry from Chile has, it is claimed, an even higher level of natural antioxidants.

When comparing the analysis of the two contenders for the title of ‘Superberry’ the Maqui certainly comes out on top in all but one category:.

  • ORAC value (which is antioxidant value/gram) : Acai Berry (1027), Maqui Berry (2500)
  • Contains Amino Acids : Acai Berry (YES), Maqui Berry (YES)
  • Contains Polyphenols : Acai Berry (YES), Maqui Berry (YES)
  • Contains Anthocyanins : Acai Berry (YES), Maqui Berry (YES)
  • Contains Omega 3 : Acai Berry (YES), Maqui Berry (NO)

More about Maqui Berry

There are strong claims from both Berries to support their claim to be the best berry and source of natural goodness, The Acai wins overall as it is also has good levels of the fatty acids Omega 3 where as the Maqui has none, That said Omega 3 can be found in other supplements such as krill oil.

However if it is just antioxidents that you are looking for then the Maqui berry cannot be beaten.

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