Flibanserin (Viagra For Women) Doesnt Work

Female Viagra Now Approved… But Is It Safe?


4th June 2015… after 5 years The FDA has finally given Fliberansin the green light, but there still remains a real risk of adverse side effects, leading specialists to state that it will not be suitable for every woman..

Its launch date is thought to be later this summer, but the manufacturers will have to satisfy the governing body that they are going to be clear about the risks and put systems into place to address the health concerns, that can include fainting, low blood pressure and fatigue….

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Original article…

The Daily Mail has reported today (June 17th 2010) on the failings of prescription drug flibanserin to deliver the goods. The FDA has evaluated the product and have basically concluded that it doesnt work.

fliberansinTwo studies comissioned by the agency have concluded that Flibanserin fails to deliver on its promises to significantly increase female libido,

they state that at best – ‘it makes sexual encounters slightly more satisfying’.

This added to the side effects suffered by those in the trial which included:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizzyness
  • Fainting
  • Depression

The other issue with Flibanserin is that it is not a pill to ‘pop’ when you find yourself in a positon where sex is likely, unlike the male counterpart Viagra that works quickly, this would have to be taken over a few weeks to enable it to build up any affects.

The FDA are also concerned about the drugs reactions with other medications, and at this stage it is not known as to wether Flibanserin will actually gain FDA approval. If approval is not given in the USA, it is expected for European health agencies to follow suit.

This will be a major set back for the manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim who were expected to reap the benefits of over £2 billion in sales world wide.

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All Is Not Lost, There Is Help Out There

With Fliberansin having certain risks that still may delay its launch, we have looked far and wide to source another product that we provestra-box-300x300-300x300feel we could suggest to our readers, and we are pleased to say that we think we have found one…..

The product is called Provestra… it originates from the US, but is available online to all women worldwide.

100% natural in its formulation, it has been proven to help to:

  • Boost sexual desire
  • Increase sensation and response
  • Tighten the vaginal muscle wall
  • Improve natural lubrication

Costing around £ 34.00 for a months supply ( $49.99) plus shipping ( costs vary depending on where you are in the world.) It is sold with a full 60 days cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should you be unhappy with the results..

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