Maqui Berry – Is It Better Than Acai?

What is Maqui Berry and why is it different?

Maqui berry is a native berry that grows in South America, particularily Chile in the southern Andes region known as Patagonia,  It  is without doubt one of the most harsh but fertile regions in South America and probably the world. The conditions in this area help to make Maqui Berry one of the best tasting foods you will ever eat.

macqui berryIts not just the fresh, wonderful taste that the Maqui possesses, its the other qualities that it can offer that will possibly make it one of the most effective health supplements available

First coming to the attn of the American public when it was mentioned by a mainstream presenter on TV, This very brief feature started massive internet searches on the product, and the more interest that was shown, gradually the information about the Maqui and its incredible health properties became wider known.

What properties does the Maqui Berry have?

Maqui Berries contain more antioxidents than any other known foodstuff, even more than the now famous Acai Berry whose health benefits are well documented and proven. Antioxidants in food are measured on something called the ORAC scale, on this the Maqui records almost twice the level of the Acai Berry which is already known as a wonderful and effective health supplement.

What do Antioxidents do for our health?

Antioxidants work to reduce and eliminate the toxins and dangerous chemicals from the body that can cause poor digestive health and possible weight gain. The antioxidants in Maqui berry eliminate these toxins at a very fast rate. It has been documented that this intense level of antioxidants in Maqui if taken regularly could enable the recipitant to lose up to (and in some cases over) 14lbs over just a few weeks. Naturally the effectiveness of these berries will also depend on general lifestyle, diet, alcohol consumption etc.

The antioxidents in Maqui Berry are known as anthocyanins.
These are naturally produced in plants to help and protect them against environmental conditions.

The quantity of its antioxidant level known as the  ORAC rating  is at least 4 x higher than the other known ‘superfruits’ of the world. these include the famous Acai berry,  Blueberries, Pomegranates, Goji , Noni, and Mangosteen.

Orac Scale

orac scale

The Antioxidants in Maqui berry contain an extra oxygen molecule in their makeup and these work to neutralize the ‘free radicals’ that occur naturally inside our body before they can do harm. Our bodies naturally produce these antioxidants to help fight the oxitative stress and the inflammation that the free radicals cause, however with age and through everyday stress and hectic lifestyle the bodies ability to make these naturally diminishes. This certainly makes the case for adding these supplements to our diet especially as we get older.

Summary of the Benefits of taking Maqui Berry

  • Organic and naturally pure, Will support cardiovascular health.
  • Contains a high level of polyphenols and anthocyanins.
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Support digestive health and will assist with the bodies inflammatory function.

Can Macqui Berry aid weight loss?
Comparing better known products as Goji , Noni, Acai Berry, Blueberries and the like, The Maqui berry can be very effective as a weight loss supplement .

Its high content of antioxidants work to efficiently and safely rid our bodies of these toxins which means we get healthier, and weight loss occurs in many cases as all the waste products are removed from our bodies more efficiently. They can also strengthen our body’s natural defences and aid our general health.

As our bodies get older, the ability to naturally fight toxins and the aging process in general does naturally deplete, a supplement containing Maqui berry products could assist with the prevention of cell damage by these free radicals and greatly improve the bodies resistance in general.

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