Pink Viagra Fails To Get FDA Approval

Pink Viagra (Fliberansin) Fails FDA Tests

Flibanserin, the new supposed wonder pill developed to enhance female sex drive and desire has as expected, been refusedpink viagra FDA approval.

The FDA determined that despite the extreme hype and the statements by ‘so called’ experts on its effectiveness that it simply did not work, and that the risks of its side effects outweighed any minor benefits that this pill could give to its users.

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Are There Any Approved Products Available

viafem capsulesWhile Fliberansin doesnt work, one proven aid to the femail libido is Viafem.

It uses totally natural ingredients to relax and enhance the users sex drive naturally and efficiently.

It is available to buy at many high street stores and for those who find buying these sort of things a bit embarrassing it can be easily, discreetly and most definitely cheaper from some on line suppliers.

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