How I Lost My Weight

Diets? Who Needs Them!!

My experience of dieting is not much to write home about.  My weight goes up and down sure, but only by 8 – 101bs. Not much in the scheme of things and to be honest I haven’t had much trouble losing it when I’ve put my mind to it.

Now I am a bit older I have noticed the pounds slowly creeping up and not so easy to  shift.  When you’re a bit stressed the snacks come out, you know, a choc bar here a packet of crisps there, just this once it can’t hurt.


It does when you jump on the scales and another pound appears!!.

Well the obvious answer is cut the sugar and fat out, no carbs for a few days and a trip to the gym.  Not always easy to achieve say on a cold day and your up against it at work, or maybe the kids are demanding.

Too much hassle, shouldn’t be, after all willpower is all you need.  Get up half an hour earlier.  Yes it works for a few days at least and then low and behold something crops up and out the window with all the good intentions.

Dodgy Doctors

So to the point, when I was in my teens I went to a ‘diet doctor’ – it was the thing to do  and 35+ years ago it was accepted.  Now for the shocking part, I weighed 8st 81bs at the time and yes the diet doctor took my details, weighed me and then gave me a pill and some water tablets, oh and he also injected me with something (at 18 you don’t always ask the question) what was in it I still don’t know.

Well apart from peeing every 15 minutes until my face resembled a dried up prune, I lost 7lbs in as many days.  Yippee I thought after all I went through this to get into my Olivia Newton-John skin tight pants. Now years down the line I realise that it was a really silly thing to do.


imagesNow to really get to the point, I decided recently to look into all the options to help me to keep my weight at it’s optimum for my age, height etc.,  I am in my fifties now and went to my doctor ( I weigh 8st 71bs ) to be told that although I am slightly built and not technically overweight, the majority of my fat is stored around my middle, the worse place to store fat, and that I should cut down on carbs, sugars etc.,


Ok I thought, no problem.  It is easier said than done though, I knew I needed a helping hand.

So I went on line and looked for some ideas…

Always Picking

Thing is I’m always hungry and not a big eater, a constant picker is how I describe myself. I could graze all day and so I thought about how I could reduce my constant cravings.

Natural weight loss supplements made me curious.  With many of them stating they could aid your weight loss and how much you could lose in so many weeks or even days, but what I did not want was a weight loss pill with any caffeine type stimulant.

Apart from everything else going on I didn’t want to be climbing the walls and still awake at silly o’clock.  Then I read an article on Garcinia Cambogia and saw that it was 100% natural, it has no added stimulants and has a lot of good feedback from users.

“All I wanted was something to stave of my constant picking pangs.”  

After reading up some more I decided on Garcinia Cambogia Extra, a natural appetite suppressant, that also helps your body to burn stored fat.  It does not contain any stimulants (which was my mainGarciniaCambogiaExtra-1 concern) and it did seem to have many good reviews. so I ordered a bottle.

Well so far so good, it seems to be working. Having just finished the bottle, I hardly ever snack between meals now and have also cut down on my sugar intake.  I have lost 6 lbs so far and feel so much healthier.  It goes to show that even if you only need to lose a little weight, a bit of help is good.

Keep to natural stuff though…..

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