I Am Late Going Into Menopause

Why Can The Menopause Be Late

The Menopause usually starts around the age of 50, for some women, it can start quite later than that, the reasons are not really known, why menopause comes late in some women. Certainly bad lifestyle, smoking, and drinking can bring on the early onset of menopause.

So in some ways a late start to the menopause could be reflective of a slightly better lifestyle.

A good guide is the age that your mother was when she started the menopause, medical conditions aside, these thingsmiddle aged woman are often genetic. Certainly people who have also taken regular exercise  throughout their life can be later going into menopause, and when they do start they do usually experience lesser symptoms.

Medical studies have proved that getting good regular sleep is essential for good health during menopause, some of the symptoms of the menopause can include anxiety, sadness and mood swings.

It is quite important that women do try to get enough sleep to ensure that we are prepared both physically and mentally to cope with whatever the day throws at them

Some of the symptoms can be rather unpleasant, night sweats and hot flushes can cause sleep to be disturbed. There are some good herbal remedies that will help with controlling these side effects.

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fruit bowlA good diet is also important during the menopause as it helps to maintain good health from within.

As with any medical problems, if you have any concerns you should of course consult with your doctor. They can confirm your symptoms with simple blood tests to check your hormone levels and depending on the result can offer the necessary treatments.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the common course of treatment offered by doctors, its benefits are well documented, but there are also concerns regarding its long term use and whether it is detrimental to our health.

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What ever your symptoms you can be assured that there is a solution to the problems caused by the menopause.

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