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Tava Tea In The Mail On Sunday

Featured in a full page article in The Mail On Sunday this weekend are details on what is probably the oldest and still one of the most effective weight loss products available.mail on sunday featured tava tea

Lose weight with tava teaGreen Tea is probably the oldest known fat burning product known to man, its use dates back centuries to ancient China and surrounding countries

With hundreds of types of green teas available it hard to know which ones are effective and worth buying, so many brands available contain only traces of the beneficial elements that can not only kick start weight loss, but also offer a whole range of health benefits.

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Following the excess of Christmas and New Year, we are all looking for ways to detox and lose the weight gained  – Green Tea is an excellent way of doing just that.

Fortunately, there are a few brands that actually contain sufficient potency to have a real beneficial effect on our lives, health and weight

One such product is Tava Tea Which Was featured in the Mail On Sunday.

Tava Tea is a rather unique blend of three of the most sought after and revered green teas found anywhere in the world.tava tea bags

These are:

Wuyi Cliff Oolong

Reduces the insulin spike that normally occurs after a meal. This hormone rises after eating and is responsible for the storing of excess body fat  instead of being burnt as energy or disposed as a waste product. With the insulin spike reduced, the body is encouraged to burn any excess fat.

Results of clinical tests have demonstrated an increase in fat burning of 157%


Contains compounds called polyphenols and anti-oxidants, these break down and dispose harmful toxins known as free radicals that can cause diseases, and ageing.


Also very rich in polyphenols and also has properties that will lower cholesterol levels and help the digestion process

mail on sunday featured tava teaThe makers of Tava Tea claim that their wonder tea will boost the body’s immune system as well as stimulate quite effective weight loss.

The owner of Tava Tea – Tim Thurlings does state quite diplomatically that “we are not saying that this is the miracle cure for obesity, however clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in helping people losing weight”


Tava Tea was also recently featured on the front page of another respected Sunday Newspaper – this is highly unusual for any commercial product, let alone a weight loss tea.

Read Sunday Express Article

The Sunday Express talked about its fat burning properties, just two cups a day are sufficient to provide increased fat burning of up to 157%

Tava Tea does have many successful testimonials to its credit; even show business offers its own share of satisfied users. Stars rumoured to be fans of Tava Tea include Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey and Courtney Cox

Currently Tava Tea is only available to buy from the official Website, it is not yet available from the likes of Boots, Superdrug, and Holland and Barretttava tea guarantee

With orders being shipped worldwide, Tava Tea is sold in Boxes containing a months supply, each tea bag can be used up to 6 or more times,

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