What Causes Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness and Its Remedy

Vaginal dryness can effect many women, and for a variety of reasons, if it occurs during the woman’s child bearing years it can be extremely disruptive for relationships and even the sufferers self confidence.

vaginal drynessThe most common cause of vaginal dryness is the menopause, usually effecting all women from about the age of 50, it can however come on in women much younger. During menopause, the naturally occurring levels of oestrogen deplete which causes the vaginal dryness and other associated problems. It can also be caused by variations in the vaginal muscles, they can get thicker or thinner as a direct result of the menopause or possibly a vaginal infection.

Hormonal activity following childbirth can also cause the problem.

It has been known for medication to cause vaginal dryness, medicines used to treat blood pressure, depression, allergies and stomach problems like ulcers are all linked with causing vaginal dryness. Some Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause vaginal dryness.

Medical conditions such as Vaginismus causes muscle spasms that bring on pain and discomfort especially if penetration during sex is attempted, the sufferer is less likely to become aroused because of the anticipation of the pain caused during sex.

A low libido or just plain lack of sexual desire will also cause vaginal dryness, some couples will use petroleum based lubricants during lovemaking, but these in turn can cause the dryness to become worse as the ingredients can cause harm to the mucous membrane of the vagina.

What Can I Do About Vaginal Dryness

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