What Is Dysphagia

Do You Have Difficulty Swallowing Pills

My Own Personal Thoughts

There are many people across the world unable to swallow pills and in some cases even solid food.  The condition is called Dysphagia and is a very real and distressing condition.  In fact there are around 15 million people alone in America suffering from an inability to take everyday medication unless it is in liquid form. A similar percentage of people suffer from the same problem here in the UK.

I myself have spent the last 15 years unable to swallow pills.

What started as a mild fear of actually swallowing pills whole turned into a complete inability to take anything unless itunable to swallow pills was in liquid medicine form.  Not only is it extremely inconvenient but largely is not considered a real condition.

Until recently I was blissfully unaware that there was actually a name for my ‘problem’.

I suspect, mainly through personal experience that most people do not understand and see it as trivial problem, I have frequently heard ‘If you have to take pills then stop making a fuss and take them’ and other similar reactions

Dysphagia is best diagnosed by a doctor as in some cases it can be an actual physical medical problem.  Having difficulty swallowing solid food, as well as pills, may not be solely psychological.

In some cases there may be an underlying restriction or other problems within the throat.

Things Are Changing

Now with the introduction of patches and other alternatives Dysphagia sufferers are now able to obtain both medication and natural remedies with greater ease.

Whatever the reason for not being able to swallow medication, the introduction of patches, sprays, meltets and other products, the future for all Dysphagia sufferers is looking brighter.

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