What Is Glucomannan

Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight

 A new weight loss product has recently hit the headlines that uses a rather unique ingredient in Glucomannan,

What is Glucomannan? – How Does It Work?

What Is Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a water soluble fibre taken from the root of the Asian Konjac plant.glucomannan root

It is classified as a soluble fibre because it can absorb up to 22 times its on weight in water.

When used in a weight loss supplement, it has a wide variety of uses: like many soluble fibres it can bind with many of the compounds in the digestive tract to slow down digestion, help to relieve constipation and lower the amount of fats and carbs absorbed by the body.

It is also effective at lowering levels of bad cholesterol and excess blood sugars.

Studies Prove Its Effectiveness

The main reason for using Glucomannan is its ability to suppress appetite; scientific studies have proved that including glucomannan in a daily diet or weight loss supplement will improve weight loss by reducing the amount of food actually consumed every day.

During trials, Obese adults consumed 1gm of glucomannan one hour before every meal for 8 weeks, the results were highly conclusive with all subjects reporting quite staggering weight loss after the test period.

 This happened without any of the subjects making any changes to their daily diet or exercise (if any) regime.

 Glucomannan works by gently swelling and taking up space in the stomach, by doing this, it gives a feeling of fullness and stops cravings.nuratrim

 Where Can I Find Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is the key ingredient in Nuratrim, produced by UK weight loss specialists Advanced Health.

It has joined their impressive stable of Capsiplex and Meratol – 2 of the UKs best selling diet pills.

Nurtarim is proven to promote effective weight loss without prescription and the risk of any adverse side effects.

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