Ageing Skin

Ageing Skin

By Guest Author – TV Psychic and Skin Care Specialist Louisa Marie

I have to say that I noticed a Definite Change in my Skin after my 40th birthday. I have always had Ageing_Skin___page_1_of_3_what I would call easy Skin to take care of, no problems with Breakouts or Blemishes.

This is because my Skin is Dry, which does have its advantages In our Teens and Twenties. However, as we age a Dry Skin is more likely to show the Visible Signs of Ageing than an Oily Skin. An Oily Skin contains more Natural Oils therefore will prevent the Lines & Wrinkles and Keep them At Bay for longer.

The Signs of Ageing Skin

  1. Loss of Elasticity
  2. Grey & Dull in Appearance
  3. Lines & Wrinkles appear more prominent
  4. Uneven Skin Tone ( Pigmentation)
  5. Decrease in the Skins Natural Oils
  6. Skin Becomes Dryer
  7. Sagging Skin
  8. Thinning Skin
  9. Visible Broken Capillaries

As we Age the Collagen Production in the Skin Slows down considerably. Elasticity is reduced and Skin may lose its Spring and may Visibly look more lined and less Radiant. Cell production also slows down, for example: when we are in our 20’s it may take approximately 20 days for Cell’s to Renew, when we are in our 50’s it takes approximately 50 days for Cells to Renew. This means that Dead Skin Cells stay on the Surface longer, sitting in Lines & Wrinkles and skin my also take on a Grey, Dull Appearance.

Hormonal Changes in Women will also have an Effect on the Appearance of the Skin and The Skin Care Regime may need to be Reconsidered as what worked in our 30’s may not
work in our 40’s and beyond. In My opinion it is absolutely possible to have a beautiful skin throughout the whole of your life, it just takes a little Tender Loving Care.

The Sun

As we all know the Sun has a lot to Answer for when it comes to Ageing. My mother never Sunbathed and always wore a Sunscreen, Her Skin was Flawless.

The Sun can affect our skin as the Rays break down Collagen and Elastin in the the Skin. Pigmentation can also be a problem when Skin is Exposed to Sunlight and not Protected. Pigmentation is when Brown Patches appear on the Skin which do not tend to fade once the Suntan has faded. These Patches are caused by the Melanocytes ( The Cells responsible for Producing Melanin in the Skin) to become over stimulated. We can prevent this by using a good Sunscreen, SPF 30 is sufficient.

Did you know that there are two types of Rays which affect the skin very differently?

Ageing_Skin___page_2_of_3_Our skin is Exposed to UVA & UVB Rays. UVB are the burning Rays which will actually burn our skin when we go into the sun.

UVA are the Ageing Rays, it is the UVA Rays which are responsible for causing the break down of Collagen in the Skin. These Rays are present even on Cloudy Days as they can penetrate through Cloud, Glass & Clothing, so now you can see the importance of wearing an SPF on a Daily Basis.

I always apply my SPF underneath my Make-Up and on top of my Moisturiser.

What can we do to Prevent Premature Ageing?

  1. Always ensure you have a Regular Skincare Regime
  2. Drink Plenty of Water to keep Skin Hydrated
  3. Have a Diet high in Vegetables, Pulses and Fruit
  4. Wear a Sunscreen Everyday – Even on Cloudy Days
  5. Take regular Professional Strength Facials
  6. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate the skin with a Good Moisturiser, even if your skin is Oily, oil is different to Moisture, find one which suits your skin.
  7. Use a Mask and Exfoliator twice a week
  8. Try to Reduce your Stress
  9. Take Regular Aerobic Exercise
  10.  Use a Skin Care product to Encourage Collagen Production in the Skin to prevent Sagging & Thinning.

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