Never Ending Hair Review

Never Ending Hair Review

A-List Hair Is Closer Than You Think… 

The condition and appearance of our hair can have a huge effect on our self confidence.

Sure, hair is just hair, but thick, shiny, vibrant locks can make us feel like an A-lister and change the1_Month_Supply_–_Hair_Growth_Vitamins___Never_Ending_Hair way both we are seen – both by ourselves and by others.

With everything from the water our shower pumps out to environmental damage and poor quality products, however, there are a million stumbling blocks out there when it comes to rocking hot hair.

Never Ending Hair is a daily supplement that promises to put your hair woes to bed. Boasting a unique blend of natural ingredients proven to stimulate hair growth, elasticity, shine and stack of other things, Never Ending Hair sounds like a one-stop-shop when it comes to maintaining gorgeous hair. Let’s put it to the test.

Never Ending Hair’s formula

The manufacturer’s website reveals that the product contains a number of key ingredients known to stimulant hair growth and strengthen, moisturise and thicken hair.

Let’s take a quick rundown:

  • Pure biotin – this encourages the hair to grow faster and thicker, helps hair stay strong and elastic and increases moisture levels.
  • Folic acid – also known as vitamin B9, folic acid has a wide range of hair-related benefits. For starters, it makes sure that the scalp and hair follicles are happy and healthy, and also boosts blood circulation and regenerates cells to leave not only hair, but skin and nails in optimal condition, too.
  • Zinc oxide – triggers hair growth for thick, healthy hair.
  • Vitamin B5 – helps hair maintain its shine.
  • Saw palmetto – this ingredient, common in native American medicine, is thought to help prevent hit loss. 

How to take Never Ending Hair

Simply take one capsule a day – couldn’t be easier!

User Feedback

Excitingly, this product is pretty new to the market, so it’ll be a little while until lots of feedback and reviews from people who have tried this product are published.

From my own experience however, I will happily recommend trying it out though –  there are some seriously powerful ingredients in this formula that you’ll often see in high-end beauty supplement blends, and I would be surprised if you didn’t see some real, tangible results. – see ‘my story’ below

Where To Buy Never Ending Hair

Head to the manufacturer for this one. At you’ll find three bundles available – all including free UK delivery. (overseas buyers will pay a small shipping charge)

  • One month’s supply – £19.99
  • Two month’s supply – £38.99
  • Three month’s supply – £55

Cash-back guarantee

Returns are accepted within 20 days if you have a valid reason for not being happy with the product. The makers will give a full refund for products returned within this timescale. You can find the full details on the manufacturer’s website.

My Story

13534052_1046038645480535_1678988350_nI discovered this product a month ago and decided to try Never Ending Hair out for myself… I had been on holiday about 6 weeks ago and while i was away, I (in a weak possibly alcohol fuelled moment) had my long red hair put into braids (seemed like a good idea at the time)…

When i got home and took them out, my heart sank, my lovely hair looked in a real state, it was dull, dry and lifeless…my hairdresser told me that It would need at least a complete growing cycle before it started to get back to how it looked before i went away….

An entire month at least I thought… I cannot wait that long – how can i go to work or go out and feel confident about myself…my hair is my pride and joy…

A friend recommended Never Ending Hair to me.. I quickly ordered a months supply and within about 7-8 days or so, i noticed the shine starting to come back,  another week it was close to being back to normal… I couldn’t believe it….it took about half the time the hairdresser told me it would take….

Thank You Never Ending Hair…. I don’t know what I would have done without you…

If you have a similar problem, you can order your own supply from


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