Dangers Of Botox Injections By Untrained Staff


Botox Injections Being Given By ‘Experts’ With Less Than A Mornings Training


A report in the Daily Mail tells us that the IHAS (Independent HealthcareAdvisory Service) has discovered that numerous beauty salons and cosmetic clinics are allowing their staff to administer Botox Injections to clients after just a few hours training.

having botox injectionThose carrying out the training have also been investigated and in some cases they them selves have been shown to have no formal medical training or qualifications.

 This Is Putting Patients At Risk

 The report also disclosed that many clinics are not storing the Botox Toxin correctly, commonly in unhygienic conditions and at the wrong temperature.

It is thought that around 1 million people in the UK alone have Botox injections, and with around 1 in 20 suffering from pain and complications, this report is highly worrying.

 Botox should only ever be administered by fully qualified medical personnel .

Common problems include droopy eyelids, lumps under the skin and probably the best known one – deformed lips  aka ‘Trout Pout’

Actress Lesley Ash is one of the high profile cases who has been left with a disfiguring ‘Trout Pout after having silicone fillers injected into her lips at a friends house. The silicone set incorrectly around the muscles in Lesley’s mouth and now doctors are unable to remove it.

This concern has reared its head once again as High street store Superdrug have just opened their first of many ‘in-store clinics’ where customers can get treatments including Botox injections at £149 at the same time as buying their lipstick and cotton wool.

There Are Alternatives To Botox Injections

These concerns, and the high cost of professional Botox treatments are leading people to looking at more natural ways of looking natox by richibrownyounger.

Cosmetic company RichiBrown have spent six years researching and testing products to develop a true natural alternative to Botox. The result – Called Natox, was launched last year and has set the benchmark for these types of products.

Natox is a 100% organic botox alternative that provides the exact same benefits as injected botox, but without the pain, risk and expense.

Clinical trials have proved that Natox smoothes fine lines and wrinkles quickly and easily. And what is more – Richibrown will give a full refund if it dosent work for anybody.

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