Drop A Cup Size In 8 Weeks With Usculpt Boobs Minus

Usculpt Boobs Minus- review

 Ultimo Founder Michelle Mone Introduces Her Cream That Can Reduce Your Breasts By A Cup Size In 8 Weeks.

Top Business Woman and Ultimo Founder Michelle Mone has just revealed a so called ‘hero cream’ michelle mone boobs minusthat will (she claims)  tighten and reduce breast size by up to one cup size in just 8 weeks.

After £1 million pounds investment and 3 years research and development Michele Mone has announced the launch of Usculpt Boobs minus . It has been released exclusively to Boots both in store and online

Buy Uscuplt Boobs Minus From Boots  online price £39.50

What Is Boobs Minus

Boobs- is a natural complex of unque firming ingredients including marine algae, and rainforest extracts including acai berry and golden chamomile, it helps to firm, tighten and lift the breast area, it reshapes and resculpts and is also a  highly effective moisturiser too.

boobs minus bootsIt helps to promote the release of special hormones and endorphins that help to firm the bust area, it also has unique properties that break down and reduce the fats and lipids that can cause excess flab around the bust area.

Michelle Mone tells us that she authorized the development of Boobs- after listening to a great many women who have large breasts, with breast reduction surgery such a major (and costly) surgical procedure, she feels that Usculpt Boobs Minus- is a fantastic alternative.

During its development, many tests and trials were undertaken and these have been highly successful, many of the women test subjects reported a reduction of around a cup size after just 8 weeks.

Boobs Minus sells for just £39.50 and forms part of the new and complete Body Sculpting range by Ultimo called Usculpt.

Other products include a breast enlargement cream called Boobs+ along with a legs, bum and tummy firming cream.

Boobs Minus and in fact the entire Uscuplt range is available to buy direct online from Boots

 Order Boobs Minus Today From Boots


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