Full and Slim Review

Full & Slim Weight Loss Drink  – Does It Live Up To The Hype ?

The Daily Mail has released details of a new slimming drink shortly to become available in the new year

Called Full & Slim, it has been advertised as the ‘drink that acts like a gastric band’.

The makers have claimed that in trials it has helped dieters lose around 5% of body weight, along ADEMXKwith noticeable drops in both BMI and harmful cholesterol.

It is estimated that users could lose up to a stone (14lbs) in just one month, simply by reducing the amount of food that they eat.

These kinds of slimming supplements ( those that suppress appetite) are considered to be the most effective method of losing weight, usually without risks and chance of relapsing back into poor eating habits.

For years, many dieters looked to Phentermine as the only truly effective appetite suppressant, but concerns over its much reported side effects have now led to it being banned from general sale,now only being available after a medical examination and under prescription, following strict doctors guidelines.

This ban has led to the development of many natural alternatives and a number of these ( including Full & Slim) use an ingredient called Glucomannan alongside L-Carnitine – an amino acid that both help to reduce the appetite of the user.

Full And Slim Diet Drink

is-glucomannan-safeFull and Slim uses both ingredients, but it is Glucomannan that is the star of the show, a dietary fibre that can hold many times its weight of water, when ingested, it swells ever so slightly in the stomach, to provide a pleasant feeling of fullness – this helps the user to reduce the amount they eat, simply put; the fewer calories ingested, the quicker and more effective the weight loss..

Does Full & Slim Work

The jury is still out on this one, the product is not yet available to buy…. It is due to be sold by Boots early in 2014.

It is expected that Full and Slim ( which will be sold in fruit flavoured sachets that are mixed with water) will cost £28.95 for 21 sachets ( a weeks supply)…. You should drink one sachet 30 minutes before each meal

Online specialist chemists Pharmacy2u are currently the cheapest stockist – they now stock and sell 21 sachets for £27.95

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On paper it should be quite effective, products containing Glucomannan are nothing new, and have shown great results…There have been other diet drinks made that use glucomannan, but most have failed due to being totally unpalatable due to their nasty taste… many slimmers prefer taking it in pill form.

Products Using Glucomannan

One established and proven product is the 5:2 fast Formula, originally developed to be used 5-2-fast-formula_zps1058981d-300x300alongside the 5:2 fast diet ( Intermittent fasting diet developed by TV doctor and journalist Michael Mosley), it has shown great results when used in its own right as an appetite suppressant.

Its key ingredient is konjac root ( the natural source of glucomannan) and has helped many thousands of dieters worldwide to lose weight naturally and quickly.

5:2 Fast Formula costs around £34 for a full months supply, so far, far cheaper than Full and Slim is expected to cost..whats more, its sold online with a 30 day cash back guarantee… you will definitely not get that in Boots

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