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Healthy eating is a given especially if you are working out or training, in fact if you just want to increase your fitness levels and slim down, this can only be effective if you eat the right energy promoting foods.

If you feed your body the right foods there is much less likelihood of you reaching for the sugary Woman choose between cake and applesnacks in between meals.

A misconception for most of us is that the lighter the meals and the less you eat the healthier we become, not to mention the much needed weight loss.

Think of the chicken and the egg!  You can’t successfully train if you are weak from hunger and you can’t successfully train if you are overweight.

An obvious but important point to make, but the same applies to working or studying.. without the correct fuel, our body does not function correctly, our memory is not as effective and we get tired quite easily, making it difficult to perform even the simplest tasks well.

Balance Is The Key! 

Bodybuilders are used to working out the best sources of energy and what foods to eat to keep them in perfect condition.  Why not apply the same principal to any form of exercise or healthy diet regime – even if we aren’t regular visitors to the gym…

I honestly didn’t see past the eat less diet (Salad, Fruit) type scenario.  Of all the diets and healthy eating plans I never once considered the formula that has kept many top athletes and bodybuilders in tip top condition.

muscle food logoI have recently discovered a great online healthy food company.  Called MuscleFood they are UK based and offer an array of healthy nutritional foods, offering every food type to satisfy all tastes.

Don’t be put off by the name…. yes they were originally used by athletes and bodybuilders to give them tasty nutritional meals for the best quality training, but in the past year it has fast become the choice of many households – not just because of their amazingly lean cuts of meats and other healthy foods..

Their prices beat most high street supermarkets…

One example is their super lean chicken breasts... these breasts are simply huge and priced at around £5 per kilo ( 5KG for £25)  are less than half the cost of comparable breasts in both Tescos and Sainsbury’s

Our Thoughts 

If you want to slim down and improve your fitness levels, check their range out… You also may be a mum with growing hungry kids to feed, there is something for everyone. and you can order knowing that everything is hand picked, prepared and is as lean as you can buy anywhere.

Go To The Musclefood Official Website

The MuscleFood List Of Products

Musclefood have a comprehensive range of products that include:chicken-breasts_4

  • Lean Meats
  • Nuts And Pulses
  • Dairy Products
  • High Protein Ready Meals
  • Snacks
  • High Protein Bread and Pasta

These all contain plenty of protein but much less fat and carbohydrates than regular products

You can even enjoy family favourites such as pasta and bread with plenty of protein and much less fat and carbs.  Recipes are also on offer to help you devise different eating plans to suit your requirements.

Ordering is simple, it works just like a regular supermarket checkout and you can choose your preferred day of delivery to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Girl eating chicken and vegetable dinner at homeYou enter your payment details at point of ordering but Musclefood do not take the payment until the day of dispatch until the day before delivery which gives you ample time to log back in and amend your order as required.

Orders are shipped in tough cardboard refrigerated boxes that keep the contents perfectly chilled for up to 72 hours – a godsend if the delivery arrives on a warm day and you are out at the time.

Why not take a look at what MuscleFood has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

Click Here To Go Musclefood Website

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