How Can We Avoid Ageing Skin

Look After Your Skin

Do we really know how to take care of our skin as we age? , the majority of us feel that we understand what is required confused womenbut in truth we generally tend to listen to what cosmetic companies tell us. For this reason, millions of pounds worth of unsuccessful skin treatments are sold each year.

For the hundreds of products available on line, at shops,pharmacies and at spas there are probably very few that have the right ingredients to really protect the skin and help with the effects of ageing. As the main protector of our body, skin care should be taken seriously and if the correct products are not used the skin could be damaged by the external influences that are subjected to it every day.

Where Do I Start

Starting from within, the skin depends on good diet and hydration, failure to eat well and drink sufficient water can cause the skin to dry out, sag and line very easily. Poisons or toxins in the environment also play a part in ageing, causing facial lines and sagging. Protection from the sun is also important, the ultra violet rays will cause skin damage and ageing if unprotected.


Large quantities of food consumed contain high levels of carbohydrates, these can harm collagen levels, this along with elastin are very important proteins within the skin that give it flexibility and youth. As we age the body makes less and less of these proteins and we need to try and do what we can to maintain these levels as much as possible

Stress And Lifestyle

General stress through a hectic lifestyle will also cause ageing to the skin, the body produces harmful free radicals ageing skinwhich slow the tissue reconstruction. The body reduces its moisture content which will lead to drying of the skin and the formation of wrinkles and lines.

It is important to utilize effective anti ageing skin care, with the daily application of a quality and proven anti ageing product. Daily toning and feeding of the skin layers will also help slow the ageing process dramatically

Fighting The Effects Of Ageing On The Skin

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