How To Get Shiny Healthy Hair

The Healthy Hair Diet

If you believe what you see on TV, all you need to do to get shiny lustrous hair is to switch your brand of shampoo – they bad hair daymake it look so easy!!

This Is Not True!!

Our hair is a living part of our body, yes of course the hair on our head itself is dead, the follicles – responsible for the producing of our hair are very much alive..

These tiny hair manufacturing organs are deep within our skin, and just as our skin and eyes lose their lustre after a few sleepless nights or a stressful week at work, our follicles can be affected by any change in our body.

The follicles are surrounded by blood vessels that help to bathe them in nutrients, boosting production of keratin, the compound that forms our hair.

If you are not on a balanced diet, or maybe are ‘out of salts’ our follicles will be starved of the correct levels of nutrients. When this happens, especially over longer periods of time, our hair will become weaker, thinner, rough in texture and prone to breaking off or having split ends.

This can be avoided by ensuring that you eat a well balanced diet that provides everything your body, in particular your follicles need to ensure healthy hair growth.

The Diet For Lustrous Hair

eating brocolliEating a mix of fruits such as grapes, apples, peaches along with lettuce and tomatoes are highly beneficial to your hair. Other food stuffs that are crucial are those that contain cyestine ; these include chicken and pork, onions, peppers, garlic, broccoli, most dairy products and oats.

Cyestine is an amino acid that helps with the development of keratin. Silicone is another crucial component of healthy hair, increased levels of this can be gained by eating wholegrains, spinach, lentils, green beans and if you like beer – A glass of bitter.

If your hair is on the fine side, you can help strengthen and thicken your hair by eating sufficient amounts of iron and zinc. These are found in red meats, kidney beans, turkey, spinach and even pork.

The Most Common Cause Of Thinning Hair

Is iron deficiency, particularly in the older woman – 25% of those that are going through menopause tend to be lacking in iron to varying degrees.

Try to eat red meat at least twice a week and incorporate other zinc or iron rich foods into your diet.

One thing not to overeat are large sea fish, yes they are full of goodness and give us good levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, what some fish can also provide is mercury which can lead to hair loss..

Stop The Grey Hair

 Grey hair occurs as the follicles lose the ability to hold onto the melanin that gives our hair its colour, eating a handful of almonds a day can help.

Almonds boost the body’s ability to produce and enzyme called Catalase, this helps to maintain our hair colour. Recent studies showed that women who eat 3oz of almonds a day over 4 weeks made 100% more catalase than those on normal diets.

Bad Hair Daysshiny hair

 It’s a fact that only 7% of women actually love their hair

 Eating fruits and berries high in anti oxidants will help to reduce the toxins or free radicals in your body, these toxins affect many different functions in our body and have been shown to slow down healthy hair growth.

Not An Overnight Cure

 Because your hair grows in different cycles it can take months to grow to full length, an improved diet will not cure your hair worries overnight, however, any changes you make now will work at the roots and by the summer, your hair will look amazing!!!



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