How To Treat Rosacea, Redness & Spider Veins

Rosacea, Redness & Spider Veins &
Vitamin K 

Spider Veins, Capillary Distention, the Redness of Rosacea & Dark Under Eye Circles are all unsightly Skin Conditions which affect a large segment of the population.

What Causes Spider Veins? 

There are three types of Blood Vessels in the body: Arteries that carry blood from the heart, VeinsVitamin_K_Repair_Serum_Review2___page_1_of_5_ that return blood to the Heart and Capillaries that are extremely tiny vessels connecting the arteries and the Veins.

The function of the Capillaries it to take Food, Oxygen and other materials to the bodies Cells and remove any wast Products. Capillary walls are extremely thin, consisting of a single layer of Cells, this enables the nutrients and waste products to pass through them easily.

A weakening of the Capillary Walls causes Capillary Distention often referred to as ‘Broken Capillaries’ or ‘Spider Veins’. Capillaries do not actually break

but they become distended or enlarged. They fill with blood but do to have the Elasticity to contract back to their normal size and squeeze out the blood. This then causes a ‘Blood Pooling’ making the capillaries more visible on the Skin’s surface. They are commonly seen on the cheeks and nose and seem to be more common in Women.

One of the causes primary of Capillary Distention is a genetic predisposition, often seen more in fair Skinned people. Other causes include an increased pressure on the Capillary Walls due to Dehydration, Inflammation, Congestion or Increased Blood Pressure.

 What is Rosacea? 

Rosacea was formerly known as Acne Rosacea. It is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disorder. It is a Cutaneous Vascular Disorder with signs that include facial flushing, redness, swelling, telangiectasia (spider veins), some papule’s & pustules. In the most

imagesadvanced stage ‘Rhinopehyma’ can develop which is the appearance of a bulbous, puffy nose. Rosacea most often occurs between the ages of 30-60 years old and mostly in Women caused by hormonal changes, fair complexions and those pre-disposed to flushing and blushing.

Many things can cause redness in the Skin such as sun exposure, stress, alcohol, spicy foods, hot liquids and products which sting. Even though these things can cause reddening of the Skin they have not been proven to cause Rosacea. There are three main Stages of Rosacea.

Rosacea Stage 1 

In Stage 1 flushing & redness are not always present, it comes and goes. Certain triggers may cause flushing such as:

  • Temperature changes (coming indoors from cold to a warm environment) Eating Certain Foods such as Spicy Foods
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Sensitivity to certain products

Rosacea Stage 2 

Stage 2 redness or flushing is present permanently

Stage 3 

May lead to facial deformities particularly in the Eye Area & Nasal Area.

There is no cure for Rosacea- it is all about keeping the condition under control and using the correct Skin Care, keeping the Skin cool & avoiding the triggers of Rosacea which is often sufficient to sustain remission.

 Dark Under Eye Circles 

The eye area is different form the facial Skin in that it is much thinner, more delicate and much more Vitamin_K_Repair_Serum_Review1___page_3_of_5_prone to puffiness and irritations. Therefore, it is a vulnerable area due to internal and external
assaults that cause darkened tissue. There are several factors that cause dark circles.

1.Skin colour is due to Melanin, Blood & other Plasma constituents.

2.Temperature influences skin colour,when hot skin appears red, when cold blood flow is sluggish causing the skin to have a bluish colour.

These colour differences are exaggerated in the eye Area because of the thinness of the skin.
Allergy resulting in oedema (swelling) contributes to the darkening of the Eye Area. Recurrent swelling around the eyes causes the tissue to become even darker in appearance.

Also exposure to Sunlight produces Melanin Pigmentation or a darkening of the skin in that area. All these factors contribute to weakening of the blood vessels network and leakage of blood, which in turn darkens the Eye Area.

What Can Help These Conditions? 

The most recent vitamin to stir an excitement in the skin care industry is Vitamin K. The fat-soluble vitamin also known as phytonadione, has been used for many years clinically for the treatment of various disorders of blood coagulation.

What Else Can Help Strengthen The Capillaries? 

To compliment capillary fragility Vitamin C is recommended. It is needed to make the Collagen in the Skin (Collagen is the ‘Glue’ that strengthens blood vessels and capillaries).

Citrus Bioflavonoids are recommended by nutrition oriented doctors and are widely used in Europe to treat diseases of the Blood Vessels, including chronic venous insufficiency that causes varicose veins and bruising.

Benefits of Vitamin K 

• Controls Excessive Bleeding
• Strengthens Blood Vessel Walls
• Reduces Appearance of Spider Veins
• Addresses redness associated with Broken Veins & Rosacea • Reduces the appearance of Dark Under Eye Circles

Many Cosmetic Surgeons administer Vitamin K to their patients after Surgery or Cosmetic Procedures because it has been shown to speed up the healing process by minimising the severity and duration of bruising and swelling. Often used after:

• Cosmetic Surgery
• Laser Surgery
• Liposuction
• Injectables such as Botox and Collagen

Vitamin_K_Repair_Serum_Review___page_4_of_5_Recommended All Round Treatment

Only Yourx Vitamin K Repair Serum is a lightweight Serum with 5% USP Grade Vitamin K., and is a firm favourite with specialist Physicians & Cosmetic Surgeons worldwide.

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This particular serum will effectively address: 

Spider Veins
Dark Under Eye Circles
Bruising Associated with Cosmetic Procedures Irritation caused by Skin Peel and Laser Surgery

Key Ingredients 

USP Grade Vitamin K 5% to improve appearance of Rosacea, Spider Veins & Dark Under Eye Circles

Vitamin A reverses the signs of Sun-damage & Ageing Skin Bioflavanoids are Anti-inflammatory, strengthens Capillary walls & maintains Collagen

Horse Chestnut protects against inflammation and reduces swelling

A Powerhouse of Antioxidants to prevent destruction of Collagen & Elastin in the Skin

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