Myths About Teeth Whitening

 10 Myths About Teeth Whitening

There is so much misleading and contradictory information out there about teeth whitening that it can make the whole women thinkingprocess of deciding when and how to do it really confusing.

These are the top 10 myths that hopefully will stop you wasting both your time and your hard earned money on methods and products that simply do not work.

(1)  Baking soda will whiten your teeth

 Baking soda is found in quite a few toothpastes, it is excellent at removing stains, but has no properties that will change the colour of your teeth, they may look brighter because the teeth are possibly cleaner, but that’s all.

(2) Teeth Whitening Is Painful

It is possible to experience slight sensitivity after teeth whitening, this is usually after using gels that exceed 16% concentration. If you do suffer sensitivity, don’t worry, the problem is usually very short-lived and can be helped by using a de-sensitising toothpaste. Alternatively choose a product with approved gel strength (16% or under) as these rarely cause any problems at all

(3) Stronger Gels give best results

The stronger the gel, the quicker it will work – certainly, but the results can be more short-lived and will almost certainly cause sensitivity of the gums and teeth. As with #2 avoid gels over 16% concentration for best results

(4) You can whiten your teeth with salt and lemon juice

 Not so, you run the risk of damaging the enamel if you rub these two harsh compounds on your teeth

(5) Once whitened, your teeth will remain white

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All teeth will lose their whiteness with staining.

This is especially so if you drink coffee, wine or smoke, that is why occasional whitening top ups are required


(6) Any body at any age can have teeth whitened

The young (under 16) should avoid teeth whitening as it could affect the development of the teeth, there is no maximum age for teeth whitening – if you have your own teeth, you can whiten them at any age!

(7) Crowns, fillings and veneers etc can be whitened

 False!! Teeth whitening will only whiten natural teeth

(8)  Professional teeth whitening is better than home kits

A good home kit will use the same methods and ingredients as a professional surgery, if the instructions are followed correctly, the results will be the same – and you will save money

(9) Teeth Whitening is totally safe

It is generally a safe process, but if you use over strength gels or fail to follow instructions properly, you could experience painful sensitivity. Choose a good quality kit with gel strength of 16% or under and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS

(10)  I will feel more confident and attractive to the opposite sex


 Choosing The Correct Kit.

dental white by smile4you Of all the kits that we have reviewed, the best one that we have found is the kit supplied by UK based teeth whitening specialists Smile4you, they sell Dental White – currently the best selling kit in the world, developed over 16 years ago in the USA by one of their top Dental surgeons, the kit is the only one in the world to have full FDA approval.

Sold across the world in its millions, and can include thousands of professional dentists in its client base, Dental White is a safe, easy to use and effective way to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in just 14 days.

Costing less than £30, and with enough product for up to 200 applications, Dental White is certainly one to consider.

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