Personal Brestrogen Review

My Brestrogen Story

My name is Donna and  I am the co-editor of womenshealthreview, I wanted to share a secret with my readers – its about a natural breast enhancement cream called Brestrogen.cocoa-boutique-008

As a ‘fifty something’ mother of one, I have noticed as I have got that little bit older that my breasts have lost some of their firmness, now they have always been a decent size and that has never bothered me, but I was unhappy with the way they were starting to become a bit looser and felt that my clothes were not looking as good as they used to.

I was sent a pack of a new natural breast cream for evaluation two months ago, and this pack arrived at a time when I was at my most upset with the look and feel of my breasts.

This product was called Brestrogen and rather unusually I decided to try it on myself.


Just to quickly sum up what Brestrogen is, it is a naturally formulated breast cream that contains selected botanical extracts that help to tighten and lift breast tissue – often within a few weeks and can help provide a boost to cup size.

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The Science

cocoa-boutique-002Brestrogen contains a natural formula that contains an extract of an Asian herb called Pueraria Mirifica. This compound is high in phytoestrogens – the plant worlds nearest equivalent to our own hormone Oestrogen.

Just as in puberty, the elevated levels of oestrogen trigger the development of our breasts and other sexual organs, the phyto-estrogens in Brestrogen create a similar effect, basically reproducing what happen during puberty and other times of bodily change.

The natural Phytoestrogens help to stimulate the growth of new adipose breast tissue, it boosts blood flow to the area, expanding and boosting fat tissues.

Pueriria Mirifica has been called ‘The Elixir of youth’ for its impressive anti ageing properties, it has been clinically tested and trialled and has been found to have many beneficial uses.

The Results

Brestrogen do not make any wild claims or promises about their creams, this is not a miracle cure and will not convert small breasts into large ones. This is a product really aimed at lifting and firming what you already have – much like me.

After 3 weeks of using Bestrogen twice a day I have noticed a definite firming and lifting – Brestrogen cocoa-boutique-005tell me that this will continue with daily use and after around 6 weeks I could also gain a cup size as the breasts continue to firm and lift.

I am hoping that this continues – “I am so looking forward to getting into that Bikini on my cruise in the summer”

Where Can You Buy Brestrogen

Brestrogen is sold directly from the official website, when you compare it with the costs of other similar products and even breast surgery, its actually really well priced.

Brestrogen costs £69.12 ($129.95 for overseas) for a pump containing a months supply. The makers do offer some larger quantity packages at discounted prices.

Brestrogen is shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.

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