Protein Bread Review

The Bread That Helps You Lose Weight

WE have always been told, when dieting that we should avoid bread and other carbohydrates like the plague

But eating carbohydrates could now actually help us lose weight thanks to an extra ordinary bread that has been developed by a UK based company.

DR Zaks Protein bread which is being sold by UK based is the result of over 3 years2013-06-07 08.27.57 research and over 80 different recipes. Developed originally for the body building market, the bread has recently been featured in the Daily Mail for its ability to help dieters lose weight.

Made from wholemeal flower, the bread contains 15gms of pea and wheat protein per slice ( regular bread only contains 2gm) and reduced carbohydrate..the bread is denser than normal and much heavier – each loaf ways 850 gms – three times heavier than the regular carbohydrate laden budget loaf that you will buy in your local Tescos.

The increased protein and the fact that it is high in Omega 3’s too means that even just one slice will keep you feeling fuller for longer without feeling bloated.

Its tasty too – the Daily mail article agreed… no cardboard taste here… Read Daily Mail Article

Its well known that a high protein, low carbohydrate diet is good for building muscle and losing weight – something that athletes and body builders have embraced for years, now it is thought that regular dieters can benefit from this kind of diet as well.

Increased muscle mass actually burns more carbs than stored body fat, so the increased protein and reduced carbohydrates gained from eating this bread can offer many benefits.


The Cost

Protein bread is not cheap – at around £4 per loaf its dearer than virtually any other bread that you can buy, but as a spokesman for Musclefood told us –

‘when you buy a protein bar for instance, you don’t worry that it can cost up to 4 times more than a regular bar of chocolate – you buy it for the benefits that eating that protein bar can provide. The same can be said about the Protein Bread’

Muscle food sell Protein Bread direct from their official website – you can buy the loaves individually or you can save money by buying in bulk –

The bread has an amazing shelf life and can be frozen just like conventional bread

Click Here To Go To Muscle Foods Official Protein Bread Webpage

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