Quick And Convenient Teeth Whitening On Demand

Transformulas® Professional Teeth Whitening System

The majority of teeth whitening treatments take time, for the busy women there is a product that can be used literally ‘on the go’ to brighten your smile.

Used as simply as applying a lip gloss, Transformulas Pro Teeth Whitening system is certainly one of your ‘must have products’ in your purse or make up bag.

It is a simple sleek and sophisticated one-step tooth whitening and brightening treatment that is quick, easy and convenient to use whenever you wanted to touch up your smile.

Perfect For That Special Occasion, Wedding or Party

teeth whitening kit

This Professional quality white teeth whitening will remove the daily discoloration caused by smoking, coffee, red wine. It is a totally safe and convenient to expensive treatment in your dental surgery

Transformulas Professional Teeth Whitening System Offers These Benefits:

    Same strong formulation as used by dentists
    Easy simple wand application
    Smile like a star in just 60 seconds
    Contains peppermint oil


This professional grade teeth whitening product is simple to use, it can offer quick and sometimes dramatic results in white teethless than a minute, it will only whiten natural teeth, however it will not harm crowns or bridgework.

How To Use:

  • Brush your teeth as normal and rinse mouth thoroughly.
  • Open lips wide and dry the front surface of your teeth with a tissue or cotton pad.
  • Remove wand from applicator and apply fast acting Cosmedik™ Professional White Teeth Whitening System onto the front of all upper and lower teeth individually. Refill wand and keep re-applying.
  • Keep mouth open for 30 seconds while gel dries.
  • The mint gel will naturally dissolve, leaving your breath fresher and your smile brighter.
  • For best results, do not eat, drink or smoke for 30 mins after application.
  • Apply anytime,anywhere, all it takes is seconds.

Where Can I Buy Transformulas Professional Teeth Whitening kits?

The main stockist of this fantastic and easy to use product is Evolution Slimming,

Orders can be placed on-line from their informative website,

They currently retail this product for the reduced sum of £20.95 (RRP £25.50)

With free shipping throughout the UK.

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Are There Any Alternative Products

smile4youSmile4you are the only approved UK distributor of the world famous Dr Georges Dental White. Voted number 1 in the USA for the past 14 years, and the choice of many cosmetic dental professionals world wide, this product offers users a proven dental grade whitening product for home uses at around £35 or less

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