Seaweed Can Reduce Obesity

BBC Tell Us How To Lose Weight With Seaweed

Details of a recent study conducted by researchers at Newcastle university was released yesterday in a wave of publicity on The BBC and the Media.

They discovered that putting a fibre found in seaweed into certain foodstuffs can help reduce the bodies fat intake by up to 75% according to the researchers.

The fibre has been incorporated into bread so far and the results have been staggering

Having seaweed in our every day food may not be everybodies choice and may well never happen, but it may not be common knowledge but there already is an effective weight loss product that already uses seaweed with proven results.

Slimweight patch, made by Roduve uses Fucus Vesiculosus (also more commonly known as Bladder wrack) as onebladderwrack2 of its main active ingredients

The Patches are worn just as users would wear a nicotine or HRT patch, the patch delivers its proven ingredients through the skin (transdermally) directly into the bloodstream for maximum effect.

These ingredients work to first suppresse your appetite, you will feel less hungry so you will naturally eat less, they help to increase your bodies metabolism, helping the body to burn more fat stopping it becoming stored in your body.

slimweight patchThe Slimweight Patch is an extremely convenient and proven natural alternative to taking diet pills.

The slimweight patch is clinically proven to work and is safe to use with no reported side effects.

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