Does The 52 Fast Diet Really Work??

My Personal Review Of The 5:2 Diet

 My Experience Of Intermittent Fasting

I decided to try this diet a few months ago.  Hey I thought, a new approach, tried most other diets. Unknown I had made the decision not to go down ‘that road’ again, but after a few extra pounds crept back on, a one last ditch attempt at a diet programme.

I could win prizes for snacking and then some.  Will willpower win out or will my usual greedy inner alarm call drag me to the fridge for the obligatory sneaky pick.

Needless to say I set about learning all about the 5:2 Fast Diet and well thought it sounded promising.  If I could stick to the rules, the pounds should start to shift.

The first 3 weeks great – what a star, sticking to the rules.  Then I found it increasingly hard to cut out the snacking.  I work in an office and pretty much all day someone in there has some kind of tasty morsel to hand round.

Me say no?..   not very often and so I have broken the diet (again).  Failing miserably yet again…

how_to_not_feel_hungry_while_fasting2Recently I was told about a new natural diet pill that works along side the 5:2 fast diet.  It is an appetite suppressant, but the first of its’s kind and totally natural.

Not containing any caffeine or other pick me up ingredients guaranteed to keep you up 24/7 with the appearance of quivering wreck.  You get the picture…

It works !!– I tried this wonderful little pill!  My diet is now back on track and the cravings for in between treats has gone.  Read on and find out how the 5:2 diet and the 5:2 fast formula diet pill can get you off the diet treadmill and get rid of the unwanted pounds.

What is the 5:2 Diet?

Well it’s not rocket science but I read all the info on it and it makes perfect sense

The idea is to fast 2 days a week, the other 5 eat normally (that means not making up for the 2 days you cut down).  You cut the calories right down to 500 if you are a woman and for men 600.  This does seem a bit extreme when you think we are told to consume 2000 (men 2500).  But don’t dismiss this because if you eat the correct foods you will be fine.

If you avoid high intakes of carbs such as bread, potatoes and pasta it will be easier.  Try and eat lean meats like chicken and turkey, fish, vegetables, salads.  Just keep an eye on the calorie content.

This worked great at first, but again willpower and an office full of temptation sent me spiralling down the road of failure once again.  Hunger, those little cravings nagging away at me, they constantly set me up for more weight gain.

5-2-fast-formula_zps1058981d-300x300The 5:2 Fast Formula

This is where the 5:2 fast Formula diet pill came in to play.  I tried them, taking just 1 tablet twice a day and I have successfully stuck to the diet.

The pill is 100% natural and works by reducing your feelings of hunger, making it far easier to stick to the fasting diet

The cravings have disappeared and I’m losing weight steadily.  I tried to eat pretty sensibly on my non-fasting days and the results are in.

8 Lbs off and counting.  Really proud of myself, even though I have a bit of help.

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