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Heavy or Droopy Eye Lids –  The Surgery Free Solution

They say that bright wide eyes are the most attractive thing about us.  So having heavy droopy eye lids is definitely the most ageing thing to have, and not easy to eradicate either.  The fact is that until now surgery to remove that excess skin has more or less been the only way to open our eyes and get that fresh bright eyed look that we so miss.

eye secrets lorraine kelly showOk so you can try lightening the area with highlighters, eye shadows, tips that we glean from beauty features in magazines, any tip we get we try and let’s face it mostly to no avail.

To be honest this is a problem that affects so many of us. We all despair of actually being able to do anything about the heavy eyelids we have to put up with.

Not any more….

Featured in the Daily Mail today is information on a revolutionary new product that will do away with the need for any cosmetic eye surgery

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eye secrets upper eyelid liftThere is a new product on the market called Upper Eyelid Lift, made by Eye Secrets and it really works.  Now this is not the usual cream or serum that promises results in seconds.  Upper Eyelid Lift comprises unique strips (that are completely invisible) that you fix to your upper eyelids; they lift the eyelid up to its natural position to give a renewed youth to your eyes.

They work alongside any eye make up, and they last for up to 12 hours.  These fantastic eye strips will give you complete confidence whether you are out for an evening and want to look your very best or just use them all day every day as part of your beauty regime.  It’s that simple, no messy creams, no complicated applications, just simply an eyelift in a strip.


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Upper Eyelid lift forms part of the Eye Secrets Complete Eye Care system. This comprises as well as the Upper Eyelid Lift, their 1 minute Under Eye lift andTightener, the Q10 and collagen eye pads and the unique and fast acting Lash Growth Ultimate-Eye-Secrets-ComboBigAccelerator.

Bought seperately these three products would cost £149.95

However as a special opening offer, these three products can be bought for the combined sum of £119.95 . This represents a saving of £30.00!!

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Now How Easy Is Thbuy eye secretsat ??.

There has never been an easier way to improve those droopy, heavy eyelids than using Upper Eyelid Lift by Eye Secrets.

The strips really work without the hassle, pain or expense of cosmetic eye surgery.

Upper Eyelid Lift is available to buy directly from the Official Eye Secrets Website and a few selected Boots Stores

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