Are False Eye Lashes Dangerous

The Dangers Of Wearing False Eye Lashes

The casts of several TV programmes including Strictly Come Dancing, and T.O.W.I.E along with celebrities such as Cheryl Cole have come under fire because of the way that they have unwittingly encouraged the over use of false eye lashes.

false eye lashesReputable doctors and cosmetic hair restorative experts are concerned that more and more young women are copying the craze and are wearing the false lashes for longer than the recommended period.

The habit of doubling up and wearing of two sets on each eye is also adding to the problem, as is the fact that many young women do not bother to take them off either at all, or are not very careful in their removal. This can result in the permanent loss of natural eye lashes.

There has been an increase in young women seeking restorative surgery to implant new hairs back into their eyelids after over use of the false accessories.

The experts clearly state that if used and worn correctly, these accessories pose no threat, but care should be taken to

(a) follow the instructions carefully with regard to the fitting and removal,

and also –

(b) users should not wear for extended periods of time.

Why Not Grow Your Own Lashes

It is possible to boost your own lashes to such an extent that you can do away with the need for fitting harmful accessories.

Scottish based Eye Secrets, have developed an innovative eye lash serum that has been proven to promote and boost theeye secrets lash growth accelerator growth of your own natural eye lashes without running the risk of the harm associated with false eyelashes.

The specially formulated serum is designed to be worn over night, so it gets to work while you sleep, simple to apply using the special applicator supplied with the kit.

Eye Secrets Lash Growth accelerator will provide longer lustrous lashes in just 21 days.

Whats more each bottle of the serum is sufficient for 9 months so provides excellent value.

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