Wedding Day Smiles

Are Your Teeth As White As Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is fast approaching, you have booked the church, chosen the flowers, and arranged the cars.

You have found that fantastic dress, and your husband to be has chosen his smart suit.

You have arranged for a photographer to record what is going to be the best day in your life, lets face it, long after the wedding day smilesflowers have wilted and the guests have gone home, your wedding photographs will be the permanent reminder of your big day, something that you both can look back at in the years to come and remember just how happy and confident you both were.

Will Your Smile Match Your Dress

Stained or yellow teeth can always spoil your smile in photographs, but especially when you are wearing white, any staining or yellowness of the teeth will be even more apparent, so why not get your teeth whitened for the big day?

How Can I Get My Teeth As White As My Dress

Teeth whitening has been around for some time, it is carried out my most (if not all) dental surgeries, and is also available in beauty spas and salons.

Costs do vary, but wherever you go, you can expect to pay between £200 and £600 for a course of whitening treatment. This is not cheap at the best of times, but in the run up to a wedding where the costs are aleady high, is this one additional cost that most couples do not need.

The development of home teeth whitening kits has been the saviour of millions of couples worldwide, a good teeth whitening kit will cost between £35 and £50 ( a mere fraction of the cost of having the work done professionally) and many use exactly the same methods and ingredients that your dentist would use.

Can You Recodental white on wedding daymmend Any Good Teeth Whitening Kits

Uk based Smile4you sell Dental White – probably the worlds most established home teeth whitening kit, originating from the USA, from its launch 15 years ago, it has grown to be the best selling kit in the world. Dental White has been used by millions of people and is the preferred choice of hundreds of professional dentists as well.

Currently the only Kit to have gained Full FDA approval in the USA, Dental White will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades in as little as two weeks.

‘Bride To Be’ Catherine Recently posted the following  video on You Tube – see what she says about Dental White by Smile4you.

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