Acai Detox and Weight Loss Combination Pack

Lose Weight And Detox At The Same Time

Two of the most effective products used for promoting weight loss and body detoxing have been combined together in a useful dual package.acai detox pack

Online health and beauty suppliers Evolution Slimming have brought together their natural colon cleanser DetoxPlus+ and their proven weight loss products Acai Plus

One is a powerful yet gentle natural colon cleanser; the other is an effective fat burner. The two have been brought together to make the Acai Plus Combo Pack


A natural based colon cleanser that safely helps get rid of all the toxins and built up waste that we all have trapped in our colon.

The safe yet powerful cleansing action will reduce bloating and constipation, it will also bring on quite fast weight loss as the trapped waste is cleared from out body (its not uncommon for people to have upwards of 5lbs of waste trapped throughout their colon)


Acai Plus

AcaiPlus works by improving the body’s metabolic rate, this improves the natural fat burning process, using fat for energy instead of it being stored where it isn’t needed, and also results in increased energy.

Acai Plus also helps suppress appetite so you should not have the urge to snack between meals.

acai plus

Our Thoughts

Evolution Slimming have pulled off a masterstroke by combining these two products into one pack, it is an effective way of cleansing your body and kick starting your weight loss plans both naturally and safely.

Customer Testimonials are encouraging – one user reported losing 10lbs in two weeks

Price wise, by buying the pack for £49.95, you are making some useful savings when compared to buying the products separately (around £30 !! ). The Acai Plus Combo pack provides sufficient for a months course – perfect time to experience just what this combination can do for you.

The Combo pack can be purchased from Evolution Slimming; they provide a full 30 day guarantee on all orders

Buy Acai Plus Detox and Weight Loss Combo Pack

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