Is Home Teeth Whitening Safe

Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Safe

There has been quite a lot of media interest on the subject of just how safe home teeth whitening kits are, there are quite simply hundreds of kits available to buy that contain whitening gel of very high concentration and strength

The manufacturers claim that their gels will quickly whiten teeth which is true, but the fact is that whitening gels that pretty lady with white smileare too strong can and will cause side effects including teeth and gum sensitivity and in some cases have been known to actually burn gums, lips and tongues.

The FDA – the governing body for dugs and all other health products in the USA evalutes ingredients and products before approving them for use, they have set a safe maximum level for the strength of whitening gels and this is set at 16% strength.

Any kit offering gels over this strength exceed the FDA’s approval and guidelines for safe teeth whitening and should be avoided at all costs.

When considering home teeth whitening there a few questions that you need to have answers:

Is The Product Approved?

Does It Have A Proven Track Record?

What Gel Strength Is Used In These Kits?

Can I Physically Talk To An Advisor About Any Concerns I May Have.?

What Gurantees Are Offered On Purchases.?

We have looked at the number one selling kit in the UK, Smile4you sell the Dr Georges Dental White home teeth whitening kit. Lauched in the USA over 14 years ago, it has been sold in its millons and is actually the preferred choice of many cosmetic dental surgeons across the USA.

We put these questions to Smile4you and the answers are as follows:

Is Your Product Approved

Yes in fact Dr Georges Dental White is one of a select few teeth whitening kits to have full FDA approval, many kits use approved gels, but the entire manufacturing process is fully approved.

We are the ONLY supplier to show our FDA certficate on our website which is actually available for the public to download from the official site.

Does It Have A Proven Track Record

tickThis kit has been on sale for over 14 years, we have not received even one instance of any harm beng caused by our kits

What Gel Strength Is Used In Your Kits

tickWe use Carmamide Peroxide gel at an FDA approved strength of 16%, this is strong enough to give effective teeth whitening without causing adverse side effects

Can I Physically Talk To An Advisor About Any Concerns I May Have.

pack showing smile4you kittickYes unlike other companies that only offer email as a contact method buyers can contact us by telephone where our trained staff can personally answer any question or queries

What Guarantees Are Offered On Purchases

tickWe give a full 14 days cash back guarantee, simply put if you try Smile4You’s product and it doesn’t deliver to you complete satisfaction, simply return within 14 days for a full refund.

The Smile4You Official website is packed with information and hints and tips on how to get that brilliant white smile.

Visit Smile4You for more information

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