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 What Is FaceLift Gym

How To Banish Dark Circles And Eye Puffiness The Natural Way

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try a new product designed to reduce dark circles and22183 puffiness around the eyes.  I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.  The product is unique and definitely showing great results.

Facelift Gym is not a cream or a serum, in fact it’s unlike anything I have tried before. It is not so much a completely new method as a new way of using it.

Think of the popular body trimming product Slendertone, it tightens stomach muscles, encouraging tone and helping to reduce unwanted fat.  Facelift Gym works along the same principal and I have to say – it works.

By using electrical impulses and micro-vibration, it tightens the facial muscles around the eye and rejuvenates tired skin.  Giving the eye area a complete workout.  After all we aspire to having better muscle tone elsewhere.

With under eye bag removal procedures costing somewhere in the region of £1000 upwards, its good to see that a cosmetic company has taken the problem seriously and offers us a reliable and affordable alternative..

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The makers of Facelift gym have found a way of developing this really effective method to working on eye bags and dark circles with great success.  The eye area becomes toned and in turn gives you a more youthful appearance.

How Facelift Gym Works

2013-07-29 10.29.06The muscles around our eyes are not really exercised and soon become tired leading to sagging skin.  Not something we think about.  Just like any other part of our bodies the eyes need attention, a little stimulation will help to reduce the signs of ageing and help to tighten and brighten.

With over 70 muscles in our faces, we can train them by exercise and stimulation.  We then begin to regenerate those cells we lose daily and facelift gym can do just that.

By a small current of micro vibrations under the eye, blood flow will increase and the muscles will be encouraged to contract and expand.  Fatty deposits will start to disperse and eyes will become more toned.

This innovative device is available for Men and Women

Using them could not be simpler.  Just click the Facelift Gym Devices onto the adhesive eye pads included in the pack.  There are several sets of pads in each box. Turn them on and stick under the eyes.  There three settings to choose from – see which suits you best.

Although full instructions are in the pack.  The video is definitely worth watching and can be found both below and on the official website. I found it really easy to follow…


Many highly regarded magazines across the world have featured Facelift Gym. Top Sante, Bild Der facelift-gym-cote-sante-150x150Frau, Cote Beauty and Trusted Beauty Guide are just a few.  With very good reviews and confirmation of the effectiveness of the devices across the board.

My Thoughts

I used Facelift Gym for three weeks and the results spoke for themselves.  I admit I am not easily convinced but always try to be open minded.

The eye bags were noticeably reduced, puffiness also lessened.  Overall I found the skin had improved.

“My opinion is they are a great addition to our beauty routine.”

Facelift Gym is not an instant remedy but you will see a gradual improvement after a few uses.  After two to three weeks you should see the full benefits.

Unlike many creams, where the results don’t always last, I found the tightening effect does last and with regular use the eye area should stay improved.

Recommended use is 10 minutes,  3 times a week for optimum results.

22182-300x239Where To Buy Facelift Gym In The UK

Available worldwide, just go the official website to obtain the full range of devices and accessories.

Orders are shipped quickly and securely with the added protection of a full 14 day cash back guarantee.

Prices for full kits start at £49.50 ($75.00)

Click Here To Visit Official Face Lift Gym Website


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