Onset Of Early Or Premature Menopause

Early Menopause – Why Me?

Women tend to think that the menopause is something that happens to us all as we get older, the truth is that quite of number of women actually go into menopause earlier than they would expect. They tend to ignore the symptoms thinking that it cannot be true, that they are not old enough, but that just is not the case, as it happens regularily..

Why have I started menopause at my early age?.

young menopausal womenThis can begin for a variety of reasons, sometimes it just simply happens naturally, however the most common reason is because of a medical problem or maybe we have gone into surgically induced menopause because we have had ovaries removed. In these cases women who enter early menopause can experience more severe symptoms than if they had gone into it naturally.

When Can It Start

It has been recorded that Menopause has been known to begin in women from the age of 15 years old! Before the age of 40 this is known as premature menopause, and early menopause will start between 40 and 45 years old.

What Is The Cause Of Early Menopause

The cause for this early onset of symptoms is not totally known, women who have been trying to conceive and maybe had infertility issues could be suffering from premature menopause

Premature menopause is also known as POV (premature ovarian failure), This occurs when the ovaries fail to function correctly, not producing eggs, or the hormones associated with ovulation. Around 60% of these cases can be linked to autoimmune disorders.

The removal of the uterus along with the ovaries will send the women into surgically induced menopause by cutting off the oestrogen levels, Doctors will always attempt to retain at least one ovary which will maintain the hormone levels to delay the onset of the symptoms.

Certain treatments for Cancer can also bring on the menopause, the treatment (including radiation and chemotherapy) while aimed at destroying the cancer cells will also harm normal cells as well, including hair, ovarian and digestive cells.

Studies have also shown that early menopause can be brought on by infections. Although quite rare, it has been documented that Tuberculosis and Mumps can possibly infect the ovaries, again affecting the hormone balance.

It was thought that all changes in the body, both emotional and physical began with the ovaries, newer research shows us that symptoms such as anxiety, depression and mood swings do partially begin in the brain, being able to share or talk about your feelings will always help.

What Can I Do If I Think I Have Early Menopause

The first place to go if you experience any of the symptoms associated with the menopause is to your Doctor, they willlady doctor 3 explain what is happening and also offer various treatments that will help reduce or stop the symptoms. This help can be in the form of prescription medication (Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT) or natural or herbal supplements which do seem to be the preferred option for women these days given the reported health issues linked to HRT. There are many good tried and tested herbal remedies that are available to buy either online or in the high street.

More about Herbal Remedies For The Menopause

natural products

Most importantly, look after your self, keep fit and eat sensibly, another side effect of the menopause can be weight gain, so it is important to be aware of fluctuations in our weight and take action if needed. Taking a supplement high in antioxidents is a good thing to consider, as they will help to keep the bodies system free of the toxins that slow down your digestive system and enable you to digest and process your food intake quickly and easily without allowing the build up of the waste products which can cause bloating and weight gain..

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