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Dr Georges Dental White Is Cheaper From Smile4You

dr georges dental whiteSmile4You are the UK’s only official retailer of the world famous Dr Georges Dental White home teeth whitening kit.

They have just announced a discount code for use on their website.

Purchasers should put ‘smile5′ into the discount box when they are at the checkout to gain a 5% discount off of their order.

Recently a Daily Mail feature on Home Teeth Whitening, said that the Dr Georges Dental White Kit came out on top of all products tested with a 7 out of 10 score.

The tester claimed that Dr Georges was ‘the one out of all the kits tested to really whiten the teeth.’

Developed in the USA over 14 years ago, and having been used by thousands of consumers over there, Dr Georges Dental White it is also the preferred choice of countless Dental surgeons.

Using a dental grade whitening gel , the kit is so easy to use with a simple 4 step process, and is not known to cause sensitivity unlike some kits.

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With Professional teeth whitening costing £200 – £500 It is not suprising that more people are doing it themselves.

Find out more about this fantastic product –

and do not forget the discount code – smile5

Visit the official Smile4You Website

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