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Lose Weight Quickly and Easily With Capsiplex

Wonder Diet Pill Capsiplex has today been featured in the Daily Mail and other daily News papers.capsiplex

The product uses what was an up to now only NHS prescribed anti obesity drug called Methylcellulose, which is proven to boost the users metabolism to such a rate that calories are burnt by up 12 times the usual rate.

The makers claim that an additional 278 calories per day can be burnt with this product.

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pepperCapsiplex includes high levels of red pepper extract in its ingredients, the capsules have a special coating to protect the stomach from the high levels of the Capsaicin. This is a thermogenic ingredient which means that it raises the temperature to promote increased metabolism.

Celebrity users are reputed to include Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez

The beauty with this product is that users can lose weight without actually making too many changes to their regime and even without exercise.

hence the sogan – ‘Slim At Your Desk’

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