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How To Get A Shiny White Smile

Home Teeth whitening Market leaders Smile4you have introduced a new product to their effective tooth whitening range.tooth gloss uk

Called Tooth Gloss, it is as its name suggests, a product that provides users a glossy polished sheen to their teeth. It will also help keep breath fresh and protect from gingivitis.

Suitable for tooth gloss from smile4 youuse on its own or in conjunction with their very own

Smile4you teeth whitening kit, the peroxide free formula in Tooth Gloss will help keep your teeth stain free, and looking pearly white.

Easy to use, simply apply a thin line of tooth Gloss to a tooth brush (or even your finger) and apply to the teeth. For best results use Tooth Gloss twice a day.

Results are quick to show, but will vary from person to person, and will depend on the level of initial staining.

Tooth Gloss has a rather pleasant peppermint taste.

Where Can I Buy Tooth Gloss

Tooth Gloss is available from Smile4you’s official website.

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